Teething Bites

I admit it, I’ve been spoiled.  Overall, I have pretty happy kids.  Energetic?  Yes.  Early risers?  Definitely. Destructive? At times.  But fussy and whiney?  Not really, unless they’re tired.  So, when one of them gets fussy and whiney, it’s almost as if I don’t know what to do with them. It exhausts me! 

That has been my little Jacob since Friday afternoon.  The poor guy is working on getting some bottom teeth to keep the one that he already has company, but they are taking FOREVER to get here!  His gums are all swollen and you can even see one of them through his gums ready to pop up, but nothing yet.  So, in addition to taking Tylenol every 4 four hours, I’ve tried Baby Orajel (which he hates!) and cold chewy toys (which are also not a big hit.)  He’s been waking up at night every three hours again, which is fun because Caden will usually wake up one of those time.  Luckily, Caden will usually go back to sleep.  There have been a couple times over the last month where Jacob will wake up and I’ll try to take him out of the room and then Caden will wake up and I guess he thinks we’re going to some private party that he hasn’t been invited to, and it all unravels from there.  But, usually, he’ll just go back to sleep. 

Anyway, I’m hopinh those teeth get here soon!  Then I can go through this again in a couple of weeks.  How many teeth do kids get?  20?  25? 

On the bright side, I feel like super mom because I’ve been cookingout of my Deceptively Delicious cookbook and tricking Caden into eating veggies!  Last night he ate the spinach chicken nuggets!  And I spent their naptime pureeing 5 different vegetables!  SUPERMOM!!!  


6 responses

  1. If you are already pureeing veggies you don’t need to buy jacob baby food anymore, you already have it and made it! Great job super mom!

    And that tooth I posted about forever ago poked through yesterday! They take so long to push through. Hang on there, i am in the same boat!

  2. Ok kiddo, first the video’s of your kids crack me up!! This latest one had me laughing so hard. Secondly, John and Kate plus 8! I’ve been watching it since the first season and I’m always saying I love her and how her and John interact. Third, I miss ya friend and would love some hang out time in the midst of your busy mom schedule. So let me know if you wanna.
    luv ya,

  3. Erin,

    Along with what Stef said when I worked in the pharmacy I had moms coming in all the time asking for the teething tablets. They are inexpensive and homeopathic. Just a thought. 🙂

    Beckie 🙂

  4. A) You crack me up with your comments. I know – when I saw that comment I was like . . what the?

    B) You ARE supermom. I can’t even think about cooking all those meals yet let alone sneaking in veggies.

    C) Teething sucks and I think we’ve only just hit the beginning. It makes me sad to see a seasoned mom like you posting about teething. Too bad it’s not a one shot deal and they all pop out at once like popcorn. 🙂

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