Random Thought

The drive from Rancho to Riverside is about 30 minutes and sometimes when my kids fall asleep I turn off the music and enjoy the silence.  This is when my mind starts to wander about really random things.  Like today, for instance, I started thinking about how when I was in jr. high, I got home from school at 1:40pm.  That’s early!  That means that I spent a whole six hours in school.  Then when you factor in lunch and passing periods it’s about five hours of actual learning time.  When you divide that by six classes, it’s only about 50 minutes per class.  Then, I thought about P.E.  In P.E. you have about 10 minutes to change before and after the class and you always start by running around the field for 10 minutes.  That’s only 20 minutes that the P.E. teacher has to work!  I decided that this must be one of the easiest jobs on the planet that pays a decent wage.  And that’s my random thought for today! 

By the way, the picture is from the movie Juno and I thought the guy sported an awesome P.E. outfit.  But, of you haven’t seen the movie, I highly encourage you to see it.  It was great!  Lots of laughs and a few tears.  It stuck with me for awhile.  Two thumbs up! 


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  1. Okay that was too much math. Sorry I had to jet outta there today. Noah fell asleep the second I started walking to the car and was out like a light . . . he’s still sleeping. Anyway, it was so great to see you gals. I loved it. For sure I’m gonna come crash your party again 🙂

  2. I secretly want to be a junior high PE teacher. I would have done an exercise science concentration in College to give me the option, but my love of PE is not as high as my hatred of athletes at Christian schools with full ride scholarships that don’t take courses seriously. That wasn’t ALL the athletes, but there were enough of them in my other classes to scare me away!

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