Zoo Fun

Geric had the day off of school and work on Monday, so we decided to do something fun.  Since our Disneyland passes weren’t good that day, we went to the LA Zoo.  It was a lot of fun.  It was actually almost exactly a year since we had been there last and Caden was much more interested in the animals this time around.  He was really excited to see the alligators (“snap, snap”) and the gorillas.  He actually cried when we had to walk away from the gorillas.  Here’s some pictures of out fun day!

Caden was excited to see the giraffes. 


There were actually a couple of “When Animals Attack” moments.  The lions were roaring at us when we were standing there and they starting running back and forth.  (A little freaky considering the recent tiger mauling at the San Francisco Zoo.)  And one of the monkeys came charging to the window we were standing at and banged on the glass with his hands.  It was kind of sad though because everyone around us started flashing their cameras and making monkey sounds at him.  Then he turned his back on us.  Zoos are interesting, but also a little sad at the same time, you know?

Jacob enjoyed the zoo from the warmth of his carseat in the stroller.

Two of my cute men.


The picture on the top is from our trip a year ago and the picture on the bottom is from yesterday.  My baby has grown!  And yes, I am wearing the same sweater.  Ha!


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