The Launch

My mom and dad have officially launched their new business with a website that you can order from and everything!  Wowee!  Here’s a letter from my them that you can feel free to pass on to everyone you know:  🙂  (Check out the cute models on their website!)

 OK folks, we did it!

We’ve grabbed a hold of the reins of our destiny … rolled the dice … put our face to the storm and all those other cheesy sayings that you can think of that loosely mean we started our own business.
This ain’t no store bought franchise, neither (wow! Triple negative … cool!). No, sir … it’s a genuine, built from the bottom up labor of love and we have arrived now to a place where we want to tell you about Comfy and Cozy are We. We are designing and distributing new mom and infant apparel and accessories. We have built a small presence on the local retail scene, but we are eager to grow. We would appreciate it if you would take a look at our web site and pass it along to every living human being that you know. Hey! It wouldn’t hurt if you sent it along with a brief message like “drop a dime on these guys and help ‘em keep growing.” Let us know what you think … we’re open to ideas.
Steve and Val

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