Money Saving Tips

Wouldn’t it be great if this post was all these amazing tips about saving money?  Then we could all go on a great vacation together!  It would be, but it’s not.

Geric and I sat down to do our finances this morning.  I have been doing it on my own for the last 4 years, but a couple of weeks ago I decided that I didn’t want to do it anymore so he’s taking over.  Well, this morning was quite shocking for my husband.  (I suppose ignorance has been bliss for him.)  We have been living paycheck to paycheck since I became a SAHM after Caden was born (probably like most of you that read this, which I why I feel comfortable talking about it.  Why is it that people feel uncomfortable talking about money anyway? It’s just money.  I’ll still be your friend if you’re poor, or if you’ve made bad financial decisions… I’ve probably made the same ones!)  Anyway, Geric freaked out a little bit after we finished the budget and went on a rant about how we need to cancel our cable (good bye Jon and Kate) and internet (my God!  Not the internet!!!) and phone and sell the house and move in with my mom and dad (clear out the sewing room, Mom! J/K)  Anyway, it was a slightly exaggerated outburst, but we definitely need to make some changes.  

We aren’t in any massive debt, we are just living above our means.  So, I thought I was throw this question out in cyberland:  How do you and your family save money, cut corners, live frugily, etc.?  I was looking online at Crown Ministries (a Christian financial planning thingy) and it got me thinking about how everyone else is doing it.  

So, there it is, my little question of the day.  I expect at least 10 comments to this post, people!  Let’s all “share the wealth!”       

14 responses

  1. Money is very tight with us too since I am a full time SAHM too but we are doing okay. Check out the class we teach! Financial Peace University I also have posts on our blog about it you can look at. Not to say anything bad about Crown Ministries but Todd took that before and it didn’t work for him…in his words “I found it to be very high level and not much nuts and bolts or “how to”.

    Also…We use vonage instead of regular phone service and we don’t have cable (haven’t since we got married in 2005 and don’t even miss it.) We don’t have a single credit card, pay cash for everything and we use this really complex idea…if we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it and we save up until we can pay cash. Also by using cash it’s been proven that you spend on average 18% less because it’s easy to swipe and cash “hurts”. The best thing by far though is doing a budget. I know it’s scary and it’s not easy but it works. Our class teaches how to do it.

    Sorry for the LOOOOOONG comment…I’m just passionate about this stuff because it changed our lives and I want everyone to have peace about money because it can be a stressful thing.

  2. My husband and I set out a budget for ourselves within Quicken and it really helps because I can see where we are spending too much money and try and cut back and let it last the rest of the month. We also have 1 joint account and 2 single accounts. The joint account is where all our bills get paid from and the single accounts is where we get buy whatever we want for ourselves. We get a monthly “allowance” and if there is anything we want “extra” not necessary then we have to use our own accounts. It is where any present for the other comes from and clothes for ourselves and such things, but there is no explanation for how that money is spent. We also use our credit card that gives us cash back for all our purchases. We then at the end of the month pay it completely off, NOTHING carries over so no interest accrued. Once we put ourselves on a budget we ended up with over $1500/month for savings.

    I have friends that somewhat do the cash thing. If there is something they want to save up for they start a cash envelope and put what it is they are saving for and how much they need in the end on the front and once its there then can have whatever it is that the envelope says. This wouldn’t work for me but it works for them. I think if I used cash like that I would spend more and end up with nothing but thats just me. 🙂

    I hope this helps sorry for the long explanation!!! 🙂 Hope you are having a fantastic day!! 🙂

    Beckie 🙂

  3. I dont know how to save money other than not spend it but I know a way you can make money, you could sell other people’s stuff on ebay! If you learn how to sell stuff, you can charge for posting/selling/shipping other people’s stuff. I looked up a few on the internet and they charge flat rates plus a 30-40% commision! It would cost you 0$ to start doing it since you charge the ebay listing fees to your clients.
    I bet if you started out small, like just posting fliers around things would totally build cuz everyone thinks they have treasures that are worth something but not as many people actually know how to sell on ebay.
    Here’s a site I found that does it,
    click on the FAQ’s, you could just use all the same info (they know what works), make a blog with the info, put it on a flier and you’re ready.

  4. We are just around the corner (when we get our income taxes back) from being 100% debt free! No car payments, no credit cards, no dentist bills, nothing! Now we can finally start saving for our house.

    We have found that cash only works well for us. We pay our bills, pull out our allotted expense money and try not to touch the rest, when there is money left over anyway. I find it much harder to spend money when I can physically see that we only have xxx.xx dollars left until next payday. Get your TV turned off, it’s fun! I only had a panic attack the first day and now I don’t even miss it (Thanks to ABC online!).

  5. We are also part of the “no cable tv” and internet phone crowd. We too use our credit card for all purchases (and pay the bill in full each month) so we can rack up the bonus points and use them for movie rental coupons and airline specials (it’s hard having my family far away.) We are thinking about refinancing since interest rates are going down – that may help. We shop at yard sales and thrift stored for things like furniture and books. We use Microsoft Money to budget. Joshua carpools to work. We both drive old used cars that we have no payments on. We clip coupons. We use cheap entertainment like game night or library movie rental. Nothing too novel, but it’s been working for us. When this baby gets here it’s going to be a whole different plan … I’ll be checking back for ideas too!

  6. Jim and I went to a cash allotment system… we, too, use quicken :). JIm and I were hurting a LOT, but since we started selling our stuff and getting rid of the crap around the house that we thought we needed (because of moving) now we can afford to live where we are, funny huh? We got rid of couches, other furniture, Trailer, our gas guzzler, other crap, I sold DVD’s that we didnt watch anymore… (I got over 100 bucks for my DVD’s)… we NEVER eat out (well, maybe not never) once a month…. and now we are doing well… 🙂 We arent rich… but we arent in debt … too much at least 🙂

  7. So many ways… we use pay as you go cell phones through T-Mobile. 10 cents per minute any day any time. I used 400 minutes two years ago and 600 minutes last year, $100 for two years of cell phone use. I buy generic on most store items, especially cereal, oatmeal, formula, diapers, and bread. I do pony up though on pb&j. I don’t get Starbucks unless I have a gift card (anyone want to send me a gift card?) and I never get fast food (maybe once a month and feel horrible for the rest of the day, what do they put in that stuff?) I buy my clothes at Kohl’s on sale and have a credit card there, they are always having extra discounts for card holders. I don’t buy 100 calorie packs or individual servings of mac and cheese, I count out my servings and freeze extra stuff. I chunk my errands so I am not wasting gas. Lots of little things.

    I need playhouse disney, there is no way around it though. And if anyone wants to refinance to save money email my hubby! We are in the process and getting out payment down $300 dollars a month.

  8. I’ll be # 10— We cut coupons. Usually use a Coupon if we go out to eat. Ask for gift cards for presents. I shop sometimes at thrift stores for clothes. Ebay is wonderful. I also love this site called for coupon codes!

    We are right there with you— we live from dollar to dollar. The pantry is very empty this week. Money is tight— especially in this economy. I feel for you!

  9. I thought of a few more. I don’t buy bottled water, I bought a few of those durable plastic containers and use those when I am on the go. I used to buy the 2.5 gallon jugs for home but now we use a filter system instead. I cook a whole chicken every few weeks and we eat the dark meat. The next day I use the white meat in a casserole or enchillada recipe. In fact I rarely buy meat that is over three dollars a pound. We can get our iron other ways. The last one will sound silly, but we installed motion sensors on a few of our lights so we don’t have them running when no one is around, put dimmers in our kitchen, and loosened half of the bathroom lights so they are not all burning. I know it doesn’t save too much, but it’s the combination of the little things that add up.

  10. We went without TV for over a year and saved a ton! It was actually great because we spent more time talking. I would die without internet so that’s never been an option. You know we are bunking with my mom so I can be a SAHM and to get my car paid off and save up a down payment for a house.

    Awesome comments though. I always learn so much from your blogs lol

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