My 8 Month Old Worm

Jacob hasn’t mastered crawling yet.  He can get all around our house, but it’s more of a worm-ish movement than an actual crawl.  Which is actually fine with me.  Because the more time I don’t have to chase after two kids, the better.  🙂  Here he is trying to get up our step from the play room to the living room.

“Hey Mom!  What are you doing up there?  I’ll come and get you, k?”

“This is kinda hard work.  I think I’ll just rest here for a minute.”

“On second thought, I think I’ll just hang out here and chew on this chewy thing.”

He still only has the one tooth on the bottom, but it’s getting so big that he’s starting to remind me of the man-baby from Roger Rabbit.  (excpet his tooth is on the bottom, not the top.)

He’s also babbling a lot.  He’s actually said “bye”, “mama”, and “dada.”  I told Caden that he’s going to start talking in sentences before he does! 


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