My Handy Man

Geric has gotten a bad rap, mostly from me.  I’ve been spreading rumors that he’s not very handy.  We moved into this house about a year and a half ago and it’s a really old house, built in 1943.  As you can probably imagine, sometimes things break and need to be fixed.  Geric as attempted a couple things in the past and it hasn’t gone so well.  Things like replacing the front door knob (which took all day and still falls off) and replacing the shower fixtures (that resulted in a 12 inch by 12 inch hole in my shower wall with NO shower fixtures for a few days!)  Needless to say, I haven’t asked him to fix much in awhile and he’s been anti-fixing because of my rotten attitude.

BUT, the other day I had it!  Our kitchen sink fawcet has leaked since we moved in.  We usually put a towel behind the sink to catch all the water that runs off (it’s not a tremendous amount) but eventually the towel gets soaked and starts to stink like an old sponge, and it’s just annoying!  I decided to fix it myself.  I reasearched online and thought all I needed was a small part, so I ran down to Home Depot, and I couldn’t find what I needed.  The friendly Home Depot guy said it was because we have a Kohler fixture and they make special parts and if we had the original instructions we could order the parts from the company free of charge.  No such luck.  I decided that I would just buy the exact same fixture and replace it.  It couldn’t be that hard, just replace the old with the new, right?

Wrong!  I was laying under the sink with a big huge wrench trying to unscrew things that were in really little spaces and it was really frustrating.  It seemed like an impossible task!  When Geric walked in he was surprised… not only that I was trying to replace the fawcet, but that I was also sporting a plumber’s crack.  (I say, if you’re going to try to be a plumber, you’ve got to capture the whole character.)  Anyway, he asked if I was trying to make him feel like a “man-woman” and he took the wrench from me and had our sink fixed in an hour!  (It was just like you said, Jessica!  Try and fix something yourself, and your husband will swoop in and fix it for you!)

Here’s my handy man (no plumbers crack) and our pretty new sink!  Ta da! 


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