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So, last week I wrote that post about “Money Tips” and shared how Geric and I are living paycheck to paycheck and wondered if anyone had any suggestions about how to save a few cents here and there.  I loved all your comments.  We actually are going to take Gina‘s advice. (Not Gina Bentitez, Gina Schlessinger.  I’m not sure we’re desperate enough to start selling our unborn children!)  We’re going to enroll in the Financial Peace University course online.  We would’ve loved to take the class live, but between youth group twice a week and my job twice a week, it’s hard to find a night that works for both of us.  Anyway, the “magical” part of my blog is that the day after I wrote that post I was at work and the counselor said there is a possibility that they need me to teach another class.  It would mean that I would work 6pm to 9pm two nights a week.  One night I’m already there (and Geric is at home with the boys) and the other night Geric would be home and I’d only miss an hour of awake time before Caden and Jacob go to bed,  AND, it would double my paycheck.  Awesome! 

THEN, I wrote that other post about Jacob.  Remember I said he wasn’t crawling and he only had that one big tooth.  Well, the very next day, he was a crawling master and his second tooth finally broke through!  CRAZY! 

So, I decided I have a magical blog.  Whenever I post something that hasn’t happened, it happens the next day.  So, I’m going to try it with a few other things:

  • Geric and I haven’t been on a Carribean cruise since our honeymoon.
  • My good friend Alisha hasn’t found the man of her dreams.  (And she’s a catch!  If you’re an eligible bachelor, leave a comment and maybe I can arrange something… as long as you’re not a crazy psycho person.)
  • The price of our house hasn’t been going up like we expected it to.
  • I haven’t gotten a new wardrobe in a really long time.
  • I haven’t lost the last 10 – 15 pounds of “baby weight.”

Okay, now let’s see what happens, oh magical blog.  (Feel free to leave comments in hopes of seeing results from the magic of my blog.  Not sure if it works, but it couldn’t hurt!) 


8 responses

  1. Awesome! Congrats on the extra work for you. I’m glad you are going to be taking the class. Like I said, if you have ANY questions please feel free to let me know. Also if you are ever free on a Wednesday you can drop by and check out the class in person.

  2. Ok I am going to give this a shot… oh magical blog….

    – my stretch marks havent disappeared since I had HALEY….
    – Jim and I DESPERATELY need a weekend away
    – All my songs on my iPod have mysteriously disappeared from my iPod…. (well, kinda mysterious… Jimmy accidentally did something) 🙂 We are talking A LOT of songs!!!!!!
    – Jimmy is due for a raise… 🙂
    – One last one… 🙂 The people I have been tutoring STILL havent paid me and owe me $180 bucks… 🙂 Lets just say I stopped tutoring them 🙂

  3. Well here goes nothing… ( ok, so I thought while I was writing that, “would it be really funny if I just said nothing” cuz here goes nothing! HAHAHAHA)

    Ok, really, here we go

    Oh magical blog…

    My dog has yet to get up and get a job to pay for all the cold hard cash I’ve spent on her

    The pipes in my bathroom that are connected to my toilet continually groan

    Bikini waxes aren’t permenant… can’t something be done about that?

    veggies aren’t as delicious as junk food

    lets see how it goes. 🙂

  4. Why not… Oh magic blog please help me to lose a pound a week without additional exercise or calorie cutting.

    Fun post Erin!!! We are in the process of planning two vacations (a girls getaway for me and a family trip with friends to North Carolina’s coast) so hopefully your magical blog will provide the tax return neccessary to take these trips without guilt of spending too much money on an “extra”.

  5. K let’s see if it works . . .

    Noah’s tooth/teeth still haven’t popped through despite all the drooling and gnawing

    I still haven’t lost my baby weight either 😦

    Ok blog . . . work your magic!

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