Measure “A”

I did my civic duty today.  Caden, Jacob and I all went down to our polling place and voted.  Well, I was the only one that voted, but we all got stickers.  (Jacob ate his and Caden’s got lost somewhere at the park.) 

Anywho, I knew who I was going to vote for for president, but I hadn’t really done any research about the props and I was completely unaware or any measures.  I read through all the props and just went with my gut.  Yes, yes, no, no, yes… I can’t even really remember how I voted. 

But then I got to measure “A.”  It’s a city of Riverside thing, so most of you didn’t have it.  I had to read it twice to make sure I was comprehending it.  It said (and I’m paraphrasing) that if this code is ammended then it would limit the number of crowing roosters from 50 to 7 and they had to be contained from sunset to sunrise to reduce the noise emmited by the roosters.  Seriously?  Where do I live??


4 responses

  1. I feel your rooster voting pain. We seriously had neighbors who had two roosters that were not contained, AND they would sit on the roof and crow. In the wood streets! I wish we had this ordinance in effect then! Luckily they moved and took their roosters with them.

  2. I did not do my civic duty. We live in a caucus state. So if we wanted to participate we had to go to a local living room or community center (which we never recieved information about) and stand on the side of the room of the candidate we supported. Then people try to convince you to red roover over to their side. At the end of the night, the candidadte with the most supporters wins. What? The worst part was that it was at 7pm. Now I have to get a babysitter to support Mike H (hey I sleep with Mike H. already, but that’s a different Mike H.) Sorry Huckabee, I said a little prayer for you and that was that. I’m in for the real deal though! I prefer absintee though…

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