If you were me…

what would you do?  Geric and I are seriously at our wits end with our little Jacob and his nighttime sleep.  I need some advice from other mommies, pronto!

He usually goes to bed around 7 and sleeps really well until 1 or 2.  Then he wakes up screaming!  He doesn’t want to be held or rocked.  He just screams.  So the logical thing to do would be to leave him in his bed and let him cry himself back to sleep, right?  BUT, Caden is about five feet away and that’s really a terrible idea.  So, we’ve been moving him to the pack n play in our room and we move out to the couches.  He’ll usually cry for about 10 minutes and then fall alseep until 4am when he starts screaming again.  Usually I go put the binky back in his mouth and shut the door and put in my earplugs, but last night Caden woke up so we moved Jacob back to his bed and brought Caden into our bed with us.  (We moved back.)  Caden played around in our bed until 6:30 when he was awake for the day… and a total terror!  Jacob cried for about 10 minutes (again) and then fell back to sleep until 8am.  THIS IS CRAZY AND IT CANNOT CONTINUE!!!  It’s like we’re playing “musical beds” all night long.  We’re all tired and extremely grumpy!  Maybe we should turn our playroom/den area into mine and Geric’s room for a while.  But that’s totally weird because there’s no door and it’s like our family room.  Help!  I’m dying over here!  Help! 

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  1. Erin,
    I think I would do my best to give Jacob his own space until he learns to sleep through the night.If you and Geric want to stay in your room maybe Caden can room with you for a little bit. I would take away any sleep aids that Jacob has (even a pacifier if it isn’t getting him through the night). Then I would let Jacob cry for as long as you can stand, up to an hour each time he wakes up. If you are consistent it should only take about 5 days for Jacob to sleep through the night. Jenn C actually told me this is what she did with Luke and it worked. I think it only works when the mom and dad are super determined to make the baby sleep through the night. This is just one possible solution, and I hope you find what works for you. I know I am a different person when I get my sleep. I’ll be praying for you!
    Jen Reynolds

  2. Oooh, tough subject. How and where children sleep is such a personal decision for each family. Maybe you could just get a toddler bed for your room that Caden could sleep in for awhile? More importantly, why is Jacob waking up and just crying? If it is just teething and stuff, at least that will pass.

    Owen and Kendra still share a room, but when they were little, I would just take the crying one out and put him/her in my bed. We are evil co-sleepers over here.

  3. I’m don’t know if he’s in pain. That’s what stinks. At least Caden can say it’s a monster or juice or something when he wakes up. I feel bad letting him cry forever if he’s seriously in pain. What if he has ear infections? But I think he would cry a lot more, right?

    Tonight I put Caden to sleep in our bed. (Geric doesn’t know it yet because he is at youth group, but he’s usually up for a Caden cuddle in the middle of the night.) And I could go either way with co-sleeping. On the one hand, everyone sleeps! Praise the Lord! On the other hand, do I want to have yet another thing to wean my kids from? Plus I have a hard time sleeping with a baby in my bed. I feel like I have to lay real still so they don’t wake up. Then I get sore. Caden’s different though. I can sleep with him… as long as he isn’t constantly stroking my hair. It feels like a little bug crawling on my head!

  4. We’re co-sleepers over here too.
    Zachy goes down around 8:30ish, I nurse him 1 last time around 11:30 (he dosent wake up) but after that if he cries, my brain is too tired to do anything but bring him into my bed. Then he usually sleeps fine till 6ish-7ish.
    Not the best but it works for now.

  5. I did what Jenn did for both my kiddos and they are goo dsleepers. Try teething tablets. He maybe cutting teeth, it helps calm them down, plus soothes pain. Yes, and gas drops work good for a tummy ache.
    I’ll think of you the nxt time I get up early.

  6. Does he only cry like that in the middle of the night? Does he go down for naps okay? Weird that he wakes up crying like that. Guess the pick up/put down is too difficult huh – it would suck in the middle of the night.

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