Same Boy, Same Bucket


I think the bucket shrunk.

The weather was so nice for a couple of days that we did a lot of outside play.  We even painted.  (It totally brought me back to my preschool teacher days… weird that it’s my kid now!)  Caden thought the paint was fun to paint with,


to squish in his hands,


and to eat… yum, yum!  Why does everything go in his mouth the minute I turn my back?  He also sampled clovers and rocks that day.

Also, I had to take a picture of his eyelashes.  They are sooooo long!


Finally, outside is a great place to use the potty!  He’s not very consistent on it yet.  We’re just trying to make the connection between potty and pee pee.  And he has made the connection between potty and marshmallows (or malalalalalalaows as Caden would say!)


One response

  1. That’s hillarious, sorry Caden, you’ve outgrown your bucket pool!

    Don’t you feel like such a great mom when you paint and run around with your kids. It makes all the bed shuffling you are doing worth while!

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