He Loves His Name!

I usually make up little songs to sing to my kids when we’re hanging around the house.  This morning when I was feeding Jacob, I started singing a song to him and everytime I said his name he would throw his head back and smile really big!  It was cracking me up!  I got a little of it on video.  (And, please, no comments about my beautiful singing voice.  No, it is not the voices of angels you are hearing, it’s really just me!)


6 responses

  1. That was way cute! I have a little Noah song I sing too that makes him light up. So much fun!

    PS – I’m gonna come crash your mommy morning again soon. Tell Nicci I said hi.

  2. I like to use the Bye Bye Birdie song. I love you ________, oh yes I do, I love you ______, this is true. When you are not near me YOU’RE blue, Oh ______ ,I love you. Just thought I’d throw another tune out there to get stuck in everyone’s head.

    Super cute, one of these days I will have to learn how to upload video. My blog is so ’07!

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