Disneyland Disaster

Nicci and I decided to take our kids to Disneyland today.  I thought, “Hey, if Jane can do it without reinforcements, then so can I!”  And we did.  But was it fun?  No, it was not fun at all.  Let me tell you why.

The day started out a little later than we had planned (we left at 11:00) and we knew going into it that this would mean no nap for Caden and Ezra.  But you know, when you’re having fun at Disneyland, who needs a nap???  We drove through El Pollo Loco, ate in the van, got to Disneyland, and (amazingly enough) got on and off the tram fairly smoothly (the first time… keep reading.)  We decided to to go to Disneyland first because Caden has been saying he wants to go see Pirates since yesterday.  Half way to the entrance Nicci realizes that she left her pass and all forms of ID in the van.  “That’s okay, I’ll stay with the kids and you run back and get it.”  It would have been fine if it was just Geneva and Jacob.  They sat nicely, Geneva chatted with me, it would have been fine.  But Caden and Ezra insisted on acting like polar opposites of a magnet and ran in different directions all around the front of Disneyland.  They finally calmed down and stood in one place when I let them play peek-a-boo with each other through a trash can.  I know, gross, but at least they weren’t getting kidnapped.  Nicci (FINALLY) made it back (tram ride #2 and 3) with her pass just in time to realize that both her kids had pooped!  Quick diaper change.  Got everything?  (There’s some foreshadowing for you!)  Let’s go!

We go into Disneyland and wait in a line at City Hall to get a pass that lets us to go the front of the line.  (Background for those who don’t know, Geneva has cerebral palsy and walks with a walker.)  So, Caden and Ezra run wild in there while we wait and we get our pass.  (Incidentally, there was a man who was trying to get the same pass because because his son was “too impatient to wait in line.”  Seriously?  I don’t think that qualifies.)

Finally we’re off to a ride.  We start walking to Pirates and decide to stop at Jungle Cruise on the way.  Oh, wait, it’s closed.  We get to Pirates and Nicci stops to ask somebody where we line up with our pass.  Meanwhile, Geneva and Caden both start crying because they don’t want to go on Pirates anymore.  FINE!  Let’s go it It’s a Small World.  A little eavesdropping boy jumps in, “It’s a Small World is closed.”  FINE!  Let’s go to Tigger and Pooh.  After we get off that ride, we ask for Geneva’s walker and the lady tells us that it’s over by the exit.  How ’bout grabbin’ that for us, genius?  (We aren’t in the best of moods anymore.)

We decided to go over to California Adventure because we can take a “break” in  Playhouse Disney.  Oh wait, it’s closed.  (No wonder the park is so crowded.  All the rides are closed and people are wandering around aimlessly wondering what to do now!!!)  We went on the Monsters Inc. ride instead.   We told the ride guy that there were 6 of us and he looked straight at us and told us to take rows 1, 2, and 3.  Wonder which two kids he thought would sit by themselves. 

We went over to the Bug’s Life Land and had a bit of fun over there and then decided we shouldn’t press our luck, let’s go home.  It was 3:30, we’d probably miss traffic.  So we got on and off the tram smoothly again (tram ride #4 for Nicci) and get to the van when we realize that the keys are no where to be found.  (Remember when we went to the bathroom earlier and we checked to make sure we had everything?  Yeah, we missed the keys.)  We walked back out to the trams and asked the cross walk guy if he could help us.  He couldn’t.  He gave us the number to Disneyland where they connected Nicci to lost and found.  They had her keys there!  Praise the Lord!  “Can you send them to us with someone,” she asked ever so sweetly.  “We have four kids under 3 and I’m pregnant.”  After waiting a few minutes they tell us no, so we get back on the tram, because Lord knows I’m not sitting with those four kids by myself again in the parking lot!!!  (Tram ride #5 and 6 for Nicci)  This time there wasn’t any help from the tram guys.  They watched us struggle.  Stupid tram guys!!!  But in the end, we got the keys, changed poopy butts one more time, and got on the road.  We made it home by 6:30.      

I’m tired.  I’m exhausted!  I’ve learned a very valuable lesson:  I will never go to Disneyland again without the proper reinforcements.

By the way, both of us forgot our cameras.  No pictures.  Use your imagination.


7 responses

  1. Oh my… not nearly the happiest place on earth. As a side note, any formal IEP can be used to cut in line. They could get busted for discrimination. So if Aubrey is still having issues with speech articulation at 3, I could technically rape the system too. Not like your friend, like the other guy. “Hey Mister, my child gets frustrated while trying to find words in her word bank, therefore a long wait in line may give too much time to talk and irritate my kid!” I think I would get pelted with rocks if I tried that one 🙂

  2. Super Funny Story…. I’m sorry it was at your expense. I’m not sure it’s always that bad. I’d give it another try… maybe in a few months. (Just think of how prepared you guys will be the next time) 🙂

  3. Bummer!
    I say, dont give up, try again. Who wants to sit around and wait for husbands all the time eh? Next time go with me, I know all the tricks. Like if i was stuck with 4 kids outside the park entrance… Picnic area! Only one entrance/exit that you have to guard and then the kids can run wild amungst (what a weird word i just used) picnic tables and trees.
    Also Playhouse Disney is closed cuz they ARE finally re-doing it with new cartoon guys (I’d pass on Handy Manny thou myself)
    And dont give up cuz it’s getting warmer out and those wet areas are so fun for the kids and so easy on the moms!
    Let me know when you’re ready to tackle the park Han Solo again, I’ll be your Luke Skywalker (I’ve seen way too much Star Wars lately)

  4. I just feel more and more sorry for you everytime I think about this. Ugh. I vividly remember being very pregnant at the Zoo with Aubrey and forcing her into a stroller. I heard a little kid say “Why is that mommy putting her knee on her daughter?” The answer, because I was dumb enough to go to the zoo alone with a 20 month old without a friend. Being the mommy who can do it all is a tough calling! I’m glad I don’t have the temptation of Disneyland 45 minutes away!!!

  5. Oh Erin! That just sounds like a miserable trip! I would have wanted to visit “Homicide Land”, “Self-Mutilation Village” or “Suicide Land” after a day like that.

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