Workin’ At The Car Wash

The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL lately!  When Jacob goes down for his morning nap Caden and I have been spending the whole time outside.  Yesterday I pulled out the pool and blew it up, put on his swim trunks, handed him the hose and let him run wild.  I sat down to read a book (Financial Peace Revisited, in case you were wondering) and when I looked up, Caden had lined up all his cars and was washing them.  I didn’t realize we had so many! 


In other news, Jacob is obsessed with pulling himself up to standing.  Sitting is just not good enough anymore.  So if there is any object slightly above his little head you can bet he’ll reach up and pull himself up.  The other day I was doing the dishes and I walked to the playroom and found him standing next to the baby gate.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal except there is a tiled step right behind him and if he fell (which he does from time to time 🙂 ) he would have cracked his head open!  I head a heart attack!  Then I took a picture.


Also, I think Caden is getting the concept of the “naughty chair.” While I was feeding Jacob lunch, Caden was playing with his pirate train set.  I heard him saying, “No, no.  No chair!”  Then he marched over to the naughty chair and put his pirate in it!  I asked him what the pirate did and he just said, “Mean!  No chair!”  Naughty pirate!


3 responses

  1. Looks like Caden is like his Uncle Jon with all the vehicles 🙂 Jacob kept standing up on Wednesday and he did fall pretty hard… so brave with his blue eyes! I sound like Gramma 🙂 Anyways, cute kids… make me smile (except when they throw up on me) Miss u!

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