Disneyland Adventures, Take 2

I know, call me crazy after my last Disneyland post, but I went back without Geric.  This time I even drove out there by myself and got on the tram by myself and we even went on a ride, all by myself!  (I’m a big girl now!)  Jane and Mindi were meeting there with their kiddos and they invited me to come.  (Plus, I owed Jane one of my mom’s quick change bags… want one?  They’re only $11.99!  She has some with skulls and dragons and camo print now, very edgy!) 

Back to Disneyland, I actually had a really fun time.  We only had a couple of meltdowns, one in line for Pirates and another in line for Pinnochio, which is a VERY scary ride!  I like it that Caden freaks out in line though, that way everyone around us can think that I’m trying to torture my two year old by forcing him to go on scary rides.  Once he’s on the ride, he’s fine.  We decided it’s just line anxiety.  

Geric did meet us after work.  Our passes expire in two weeks (the horror!) and we’re probably not going to renew them until my birthday when I ask my mom and dad to get me that for my present (heads up mom and dad!… I think Caden might ask for one from Maw and Pop, too.)  So, we’re going to try and go a whole lot during the next two weeks so that we’re just sick of it and don’t want to go back for seven months!

Here’s some pictures of our trip.  


Caden and Nick on Dumbo

The whole gang… it’s hard to get 6 kids to a bench and make them all smile and look in the same direction at the same time.

My prince charming!


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  1. I know it probably isn’t as cool as Disneyland, but have you ever tried Castle Park near you? I would think it would still be really cool to a 2 year old. Aubrey has never been to a place with rides. I was sick when the fair was here, or it was really hot, or I had just had Ainsley, I don’t remember. We do have a little place about an hour away that has all kiddie rides, I should convince my mom to take us next time she is out!

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