As a blogger, I’m never quite sure who’s reading my blog.  I know people are reading it because, here on wordpress, you can check your blog stats and see how many people have read your blog that day.  There’s a cool little graph and everything.  My record high, just so you all know, is 196 in one day!!  (I think it was around Christmas and a lot of people used the search term “Santa” and “Jesus” and my ever-controversial Santa post came up.  But still… thats a lot of people!) 

There are the obvious blog readers who leave a lot of comments and they are on my blogroll and I’m on theirs.  Then there are people who I see out and about and they tell me they read my blog and they think it’s really funny… but they never comment.  It’s a little annoying, but just a little.  Like, on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 3.  No biggee.  But, what I do find interesting is what brings these blog lurkers out to the public and what finally grabs them enough that they feel so compelled that they just must leave a comment.

For instance, Rayna left me a comment on my Jon and Kate post.  Makes sense.  She’s a kid lover.  Awhile ago, Jimmy left a comment on my mouse post.  (Remember that?  Eww!)  But that also makes sense because Jimmy is a guy and he wanted to help fix the problem.  Then, just today, Lesley commented on my hat post.  Also, makes sense.  That was a really good peice of writing and Lesley is a writer.  🙂  But the one I liked the best was Alyssa.  What finally compelled her to leave a comment, you ask?  Girl scout cookies!  Ha!


8 responses

  1. I absolutely understand. It is mildly annoying that people read and don’t comment. It’s like, hey, let me know you’re out there! Although the guest book can help people show they stop by without commenting.

  2. And you should know I don’t use a reader, I just check blogs like 3 times a day minimum, or I sometimes use them a portal to get to other blogs I read. So, I account for a larger portion of your bar graph than I should:)

  3. I’m totally guilty of lurking and hardly ever commenting, but I often don’t feel I have anything to add, since I don’t have any kids. I just like reading about your adventures!

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