New Things

– I like running!  Who would’ve thunk?  My “like” only started today, after two weeks of conditioning, so it’s kind of grown on me.  Yesterday felt like I was going to burst a lung, but today I found a good pace (I call it Granny Pace… I’m sure my neighbors point and laugh) but it works for me.  Plus, I like the way I feel when we run first thing in the morning.  Makes me feel skinny for the rest of the day.  And I got this really cool jogging stroller on Craig’s List so it makes it fun.  I thought for sure Caden would torture Jacob the whole time, because it’s side by side, but they actually get along.  Caden feeds Jacob goldfish crackers like he’s his pet seal and they even hold hands and cuddle.  Way too cute!  The only drawback so far is the sports bra.  Haven’t worn one of those in a while.  First of all, they are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!  (Especially since there’s not even undewire, it’s just material!)  But then, it looks like you have one giant boob when you’re wearing it.  But, you know, if that’s the only drawback, thats not so bad.

– Jacob got two new teeth.  They are his top fangs.  He looks like a little vampire when he throws his head back and laughs.  Hopefully the middle two come in soon.

– I’m obsessed with Craigs List.  Since I got such an awesome stroller on there, I keep thinking of things that we need and then checking to see if it’s on craigs list.  It’s like window shopping.  I’m getting a little tikes picnic table today for only $20, and they retail for $40!  I love a good deal!

– Caden and I do craft projects together.  I decided that my boy needs a lot of structure.  So, we have a time slot for “craft time.”  So far we’ve cut and glued magazine pictures on paper (that lasted a really long time, seriously.  I think he would’ve sat there for an hour.) and we’ve painted.  I found some other good ideas online.  So we’re going to finger paint with chocolate pudding, string large noodles into a necklace, and make edible playdough later this week.  It’s like a regular preschool over here. 

– Speaking of structure, we have a whole new schedule that works so much better for all of us.  Jacob was having a hard time going to down for his morning nap, so now he just goes down at the same time as Caden, right after lunch.  And the good news is, they both sleep for 2 hours!  Praise the Lord!  It’s a much needed break right in the middle of the day.  And, now Jacob doesn’t wake up at the crack of dawn.  Well, he does, but he eats and goes back to sleep until 7:30.  Hip, hip, hooray!

– I was almost arrested by the ebay police.  I sold my double stroller on ebay but when I put it on there, the shipping wizrd wasn’t working so I just guessed at the shipping price.  (I checked some other people’s prices and put $45.)  Well, after it sold for a whole $89 (bummer) we took it to the post office and it was going to cost $100 to mail it!  What?  So I emailed the guy that bought it and told him that I messed up, could he undertsand?  I’d give him a refund, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Well, he tells me that he’s going to leave negative feedback and contact ebay about me!  Seriously?  What’s going to happen?  Ebay police are going to come to my house and arrest me with really colorful handcuffs and keep me in a really colorful jail cell with big polka dots on the walls, until Geric can come down and post bail?  Really?  Well, screw you, buddy!  I like Craigs List better anyway!  What a jerk!


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  1. Ross has sports bras and they are reasonable. i want to comment more, but I need to do stuff so I may be back on here later!

  2. So glad you’ve decided that you like running. I’ve been thinking of you on some of my runs this week, actually. Sometimes, running is the only ‘me’ time I can squeeze into a day and I feel like I’m going to go insane if I go too long without a run. Not to say that I don’t battle the same blah periods and lack of motivation, but once I get out I feel great. I’m planning on running the Disney 1/2 too! 🙂 You may have also actually inspired me to use my blog (don’t hold your breath yet). I need a running log because my training has taken a nose dive since my move. Why not turn my blog into a training b-log? We’ll see if I actually do it! I’d hate to just be a mere lurker with ‘random’ cookie responses! 🙂 So now you know a lot about me…I like cookies and I like to run! By the way…could you blog your daily crafts? Maybe like once a week? I’d love to take advantage of your orginzation skills! My Gavinator could really use a lot of structure too. Too bad for him that I’m his mom!

  3. I go through structure spurts. This week I am in a laundry spurt, so no crafts around here. I realy like the pasta necklace idea, we’ll have to do that soon, like after I finish my 7ish loads of laundry.

    I haven’t worked out in the last month and I miss it. Apparently not enough to work out, but enough to notice a big difference in the mirror, even if the scale doesn’t reflect it. I have no desire to run with my kids, but I do want to run. I realized it is still under 30 most mornings, so maybe in a few more weeks. I’m not crazy afterall.

    Now that’s a better comment!

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