Big Boy Day

When Caden woke up this morning he was so excited when I told him it was Big Boy Day.  He picked a pair of big boy undies (Shrek) and headed out into the kitchen.  I told him that he was going ot sit on the potty while I made his breakfast.  Meltdown city!!!  So, I thought, I have two options; one, I can force him to do this against his will, or two, I can try again in a month or so.  I decided on the second choice, put a diaper on Caden and went for our morning walk/run. 

When I got home, I checked my email and saw a comment that Jane wrote yesterday and it really encouraged me!  (Thanks Jane.)  I decided that Caden is a stubborn little boy and if I’m waiting for the day that he looks up at me with his sweet hazel eyes and says, “Mama, I’m ready now,”  I could be waiting a very long time.  So, I put his big boy undies back on and made him sit on the potty for a few minutes.  Nothing happened. 

We watched some TV and I kept asking if he needed to go and he would say “NO!” Then he started to go just a little them he stopped and said, “Oh, no!  Pee pee!”  So I ran him to the potty (only a few feet away) and he let loose!  AWESOME!  We celebrated and ate marshmallows!  The same thing happened a few other times (where he started before he realized he had to go) but by tonight he was saying “Pee pee, Mama!” before he actually went!  YAY CADEN!!!  So, tonight he’s obviously in a diaper, but tomorrow we’re doing it again! 

3 responses

  1. You are going to love having him potty trained!!! Getting there SUCKS but once you get there… awwwww! Good luck with the process!!!

  2. I read Pottywise, and it put a lot of emphasise on being clean and dry. You get rewarded for being clean and dry, not just going on the potty. That way you are in control instead of him. For the first few days with Aubrey I would pop a bag of popcprn in the morning and ask her every ten minutes or so if she was dry. She would check and then we would celebrate with a few pieces of popcorn. I also put a big camping tarp where we played and had all her toys on that. Some days I still wish I had that tarp out. She did get a yummy treat for using the potty, but I tried to reinforce that the treat was for staying dry, not using the potty. Good luck!!!

  3. Way to go Erin!
    It’s a long process (Nate pissed his pants last night at Deanne’s House) May your pee in the potty outnumber your pees in the pants! 🙂

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