Let the Countdown Begin!

Yesterday was my half birthday.  I’m 29 and a half now!  So, that means that there are only 6 months until I hit the big 3-0!  Yowza!  I kinda have mixed feelings about this. 

On the one hand, I did a lot in my 20’s and I had a great time.  I lived on my own with some really awesome girlfriends and we had a blast most of the time.  I graduated from college and couldn’t “find myself” so I moved to Honduras to teach sign language to the deaf.  (Go figure.)  That was HARD, but such a life changing experience.  When I came home, Nicci and I were as free as birds (no jobs, no boys, but, for some reason, we had money???) so went spent everyday at Laguna Beach!  Ahhh, now that’s the life!  Then my Dad dropped the hammer and told me to get a plan, so I became a teacher.  Besides becoming a mommy, I can honestly say, that is my calling in life.  I loved those little guys and watching the lightbulbs turn on above their heads.  Then, I took a trip to Mexico and fell in love!  Life become a whirlwind after that.  We got engaged, got married, bought a condo, got pregnant, had a baby, quit my job, changed churches, moved to our house in Riverside, got pregnant agains (oops!), and had another baby!  Whew!!  All this to say, I think I made the most of my 20’s and I don’t really regret much.   

On the other hand, 30 is BIG!  It’s like… THIRTY!  Wow.  I think I’m going to bring it in with a BANG!  I told Geric I want a big party.  He’s not much of a planner, so I’ll probably have to help him, but it’s going to be super fun!  So, if I’ve ever said “hi” to you, you’re probably going to be invited.  It’s going to be BIG people, BIG.

All this to say, let the countdown begin!  Jessica, do you think you could make me some sort of counter downer?  Haha!  Just kidding!  🙂

On the bright side, Caden and I share a birthday.  So that means we’ve made it half way through the “terrible twos!”  My mom said that my sisters and I grew halos when we hit three.  I hope thats a genetic trait! 

5 responses

  1. LOL How funny that you, Caden and Noah all have the same Bday. K let me know as soon as you pick your party day so I can have Noah’s on a different day 😉 Gotta come see the 30 celebration.

    Glad you’re being so upbeat about it. I’m telling you, on my 30th, I’m gonna dress all in black, lock myself in a room, and mourn my youth. But if you cross that threshold and survive it, then you can bring hope to the rest of us!


  2. I’ve already started planning by big 30th-birthday blowout shindig too! And it’s in October, like yours. I don’t know why I’m looking forward to 30 but I am…. I’m hoping that I get a lot smarter with age.

  3. My Birthday is in the midst of both my kids. So I don’t even know it is coming until it is over. Hmmm… maybe 30 will be different.

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