Bothersome Children’s Entertainment

The first few days of potty training were like lock down.  We stayed home ,close to the potty, thus, watching way too much children’s TV.  One of these day,s we were watching Nickelodeon and after Diego was over, the Kids Choice Awards came on.  I thought, “This actually might be semi interesting” and since Caden really like to the slime factor we kept it on.  The show was fine (not as interesting as I had predicted) until this little band called “The Naked Brothers Band” came on.  First of all, let’s just talk about the name of their band.  Seriously?  They are a bunch of 11 year old boys (and mayb one girl) but could they have picked a more inappropriate name for a children’s band? 

Then came the kicker, their brand new single called “I Don’t Want to Go to School.”  Huh?  There they were rockin’ out, singing lyrics like, “I don’t want to go to school, yes it’s true.  I don’t want to see the teacher’s face again” and “You can’t deny me of my freedom.”  And the audience, chock full of children, were screaming and rocking out along with them.  Where are the adults in charge???

First of all, at that age, school is fun!  I know, I was a teacher.  You’re supposed to look forward to going to school and get really bored over summer break.  Secondly, don’t they realize they are role models for thousands of other children who might actually enjoy school.  (Probably not, they’re just kids, but the adults in charge should realize this.)  That brings me to this question… where are their parents?  Who okayed these rude lyrics?  Did they all sit around a big board room type table and seriously say, “Yeah, that’s a great idea for a kids song!  Let’s record it!”  And which parents are allowing their kids to listen  to this trash?  Irresponsible ones, that’s who!  Ones who want their kids to hate school and grow up uneducated, I suppose!  And finally, I have to address the lyric that said “You can’t deny me of my freedom.”  Ummmmm, excuse me, young man.  Until you’re 18, this is no democracy, fella.  There are no freedoms for you, unless your parents are stupid idiots… and it kinda seems like they are.   

Sorry, I’ll get off my soap box now.  But I was really disturbed.  I’m actually thinking of boycotting Nickelodeon just to make my point, but then I’d have to deal with Caden’s Dora and Diego withdrawals. 


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  1. I was wondering about that song too. I have seen the show (unfortunately) and usually there is a song in each episode that corresponds with the story line. I have not seen the episode with that song in it yet so I don’t know what the context is, but if I do, I will let you know.

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