Gardening Tips

So, we have a front yard that is absolutely dreadful.  It doesn’t help that we had a gopher problem and we actually found our tree leaning to the side as if a tornado had blown through.  It also hasn’t helped that the water line to the street broke and Geric had to dig up a big chunk of lawn that hasn’t grown back green.  It also hasn’t helped that the automatic sprinkler system had it’s wires cut by some sort of lawn trimming contraption thus leaving our lawn watered on a limited basis, sort of an “if I think about it” basis.

Well, I got sick of looking at our dreadful front yard and I made Geric go down to the Home Depot about a month ago to buy some plants.  We bought a few for the pots on our front step and then some for the actual yard to line to grass.  We had the special potting soil at home, so we were set to go.  Caden and I actually planted the pots and we’ve been taking really good care of them, watering them everyday.  The same with the plants in the yard, watered almost everyday.  Well, guess what… THEY’RE DYING!!!  I don’t get it!  I made sure that we bought plants that said “full sun” on their tags.  I look around at my neighbors yards and they have plants with flowers that are blooming.  But our dreadful yard is destined to stay dreadful.  Look at this:

They used to have blooms… poor guys.

Now even that orange flower is gone… so sad.

The bushes are surviving, but the poor flowers are all withered.

So, does anyone have any tips?  What am I doing wrong?  Maybe I’m over watering?  Maybe “full sun” means full sun in a cooler area, not the deserts of Riverside?  Help!


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  1. Hey Erin,
    Home Depot will take plants back that have died for any reason. My mom told me one of her friends buys beautiful plants there every once in a while and takes them back each time they die.
    Love Jen,
    PS. I miss you at MOPS

  2. Ryan and I are great at killing plants for unknown reasons as well. I can tell you what plants are durable (that means they were here a year ago when we moved in and are still blooming)
    #1 Pansies – cute and tiny little plants seem to recreate themselves over and over (a couple even popped up on the lawn)
    #2 Those green bushy plants with dainty lavender flowers that stink like garlic – I forget what they are called but if you look around in parking lot planters and in front of businesses, they are everywhere cuz they are tough.

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