What’s For Dinner?

This morning at MOPS a lady came to talk to us about clutter and how to de-clutter your house.  She gave us a lot of really good tips, but as I was sitting there a few thoughts crossed my mind:

1.  People shouldn’t complain about emptying their dishwashers like it’s such backbreaking work… some of us live in very old houses that didn’t come equipped with such modern-day conveniences.

2.  People also should complain about a cluttered “walk in closet”… same reason as above.

3.  I think the secret to not having clutter is to live in a very small house because then the clutter is right in your face and you HAVE to clean it up and also live on a very small income so you aren’t tempted to buy things that you don’t need without walking out of the store in a shroud of guilt.

Anyway, what does this have to do with dinner, you ask?  Well, after the lady left (and she really was helpful.  I make it seem like I was offended, but honestly, I really wasn’t at all.  Just had a couple of thoughts.)  But after she left we had discussions at our table about clutter in our cars and how to organize ourselves enough to plan for dinners and go grocery shopping.  So I told Megan (AKA the best table leader ever!) that I plan all our dinners on Monday and then go grocery shopping.  I told her that I would post my dinner menu on my blog to give her ideas. 

BUT here’s my disclaimer: I’m not super-healthy, organic, “cook it from scratch”, or even well-balanced all the time.  You might not even like my taste in food.  And you’ll probably be able to tell if we’re strapped for money that week depending on the kind of dinners I plan.  (For example, hot dogs mean we’re hurtin’!)  Also, I grew up eating pasta at least every other night, and sometimes I carry that tradition on to my kids.  And we’re not big red meat eaters, or pork eaters for that matter, although Jen inspired me to venture out into the world of pork today, so who knows, I might just go wild and crazy with pork!  🙂  I usually “cook” dinner 5 nights a week.  Tuesdays we meet Geric at Wahoo’s (or else he won’t see the boys for two days) and we usually eat leftovers or eat at someone’s house one other night durng the week. 

Anywho, all that to say I’ve replaced “Caden’s Crafts” on the sidebar with “What’s for Dinner?”  (Caden’s crafts dwindled.  I didn’t realize all the prep time and expense that goes into crafts for one kid!) 

Feel free to share your tips or good recipes! 

9 responses

  1. I also live in a house built in the 50’s and have NO idea what a walk in closet even is…hehe
    Yum! What’s your Pesto and Grilled Asparagus recipe…I love both.

  2. Pesto and grilled asparagus is easy. You cook the pasta and add the pesto sauce. You can either make the sauce from the packet, which is what i’m doing this week because it’s easier and cheaper, but you can make it from scratch too. It’s really easy. Just put a bunch of basil in the food processor with pine nuts, parmesean cheese, and a couple of garlic cloves. Turn it on and add EVOO until it’s saucy. (Sorry I don’t really do measurements, how can you have too much cheese though??) For the grilled asparagus I coat it in EVOO and garlic salt and grill it in a grill pan on the stove. You can eat it on the side or chop it into one inch pieces and toss it with the pasta. You can also add halved cherry tomatoes… that sounds good.

    Sorry, Erin, is your mouth watering? At least it’s not my famous chicken broccli casserole that you all were going to miss when I left for Honduras! I barely make that anymore, Geric doesn’t like it! What a shame!

  3. My walk in closet IS cluttered. Not with clean clothes, but with dirty ones. We use the floor as our hamper. I would use the hamper for that, but it generally is sitting in some room with folded clean clothes ready to be put away (that I never do). And Mike and i always complain about the dishwasher and it really only takes a few minutes to empty, just a bit longer with a 1 year old playing climb the machine. I did an experiment for a week and hand washed everything. My kitchen was a lot cleaner and I never had piles of dishes waiting to go in the dishwasher. Then I got lazy and used the machine again.

    I also plan five meals a week. The weeks I don’t are chaos and we eat a lot of pasta with meat sauce. I’m with Megan, what is EVOO?

  4. Heya–I have found this newly discovered website and thought since you’re supermom, you might be able to get some new ideas for dinner! 🙂 I like your existing ideas and think you send me all your recipes, but this might give ya some food for thought. Startcooking.com. I thoroughly messed up the “8 ingredient brownies.” I choose to think it’s the recipe, though I am beginning to think that it has a hint to do with the cook. eek. 🙂 let me know what you think.

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