We Have a Walker!

Jacob took his first steps last weekend.  I actually missed it.  He was standing behind me and walked from an ottoman to me.  My mom saw it.  Dang! 

Then we took him to Geric’s mom’s house on Saturday and minutes after we left, she called to say that he saw himself in her mirror doors and walked to himself.  What the…? 

Then we went back to my mom and dad’s house on Sunday and he walked across the floor for my dad.  Okay, now he’s just getting obnoxious! 

I wanted to be in denial because I thought, why wouldn’t he walk for me first?  I’m the one who wakes up with him in the middle of the night.  I’m the one who feeds him and gets barfed on and wipes his poopy butt.  This is one of the small privledges of being the mommy.  But, then I thought… man, he’s smart!  He knows where the goods are and he knows who to butter up, because all his grandparents spoil him rotten! 

But then, he walked for me the other day and he’s walked quite a few times since, so I’m accpeting it now.  He’s kind of a kamakaze walker.  Caden was pretty cautious and walked slowly, not wanting to fall.  Jacob will hold on to the side of the couch, see something he wants across the floor, let go and almost run/lunge towards the object.  He takes a few steps and then he falls on his hands and knees.  He’s crazy!  Can’t wait ’til the climbing starts.  (I’m trying to get video of the walking, but so far I have been unsuccessul.  Be on the lookout for that!)

Speaking of climbing, this morning Caden woke up early, as usual, and instead of coming straight to our bed, he stopped at the bathroom for a little snack.  He took everything out of the medicine cabinet (thankfully there’s no medicine in there) and ate a bite of my deodrant, a couple of squirts of lotion, his whole tube of toddler toothpaste, and the tiny bit of infant motrin drops that were left on the counter.  He also took a bottle of scented oil and the bamboo sticks and tossed them all over the bathroom and rinsed my birth control pills off in the sink.  (Don’t worry, they’re safely wrapped in plastic, so there will be no new babies here for awhile.)  I know what you’re thinking, “Erin, how did you sleep through all that racket when the slightest sigh from Jacob wakes you out of a dead sleep?”  Good question.  I have no idea.  I realized something must have happened because when he finally did decide to join us in bed he was sucking on a tube of our toothpaste.  Maybe he’s lacking something in his diet?  Any ideas?  🙂  Also, today we will be puchasing one of those plastic doorknoby covers for outside of the bathroom door.  We’ll just close it at night that way he can still get out of his room in the morning.

In gopher news, they are seeking revenge, big time!  There have been several new holes in the front and backyard, which drive my husband bonkers!  He put a few gopher bombs down the whole and the next morning, the chewed up bomb was on our front lawn!!!  Stubborn little suckers!  Now they’re playing with us!  Yesterday, he flooded one out of its hole in the backyard and hit it with a shovel and he’s doing the same thing right now in the front yard.  Sorry PETA.  But I stopped feeling bad about it.  They should seriously take a hint and move on to some other house. 

And that’s the weekend update!  Happy early Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there! 


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