Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was great.  Caden and Jacob wore the cutest shirts made by Comfy and Cozy. (They only cost $6, and can be embroidered with anything!  There will be “My Dad Rules!” ones for Father’s Day!)  We started off the day by going to church.  I spent the whole time in the nursery because Jacob is starting to have major spearation anxiety.  But it’s actually okay, because there were a few other moms in there that I have fun talking to.  After church Caden ate donuts with his friends and we played on the playground until Daddy was ready to go.

We went out to Long Beach to my sister’s house for the day.  We were supposed to go to Mother’s Beach, but it was a little breezy, thus, a little too chilly for fun beach time.  So we walked down second street to a really cool candy shop.  It was just like Willy Wonka… every candy imaginable.  Caden got a free sucker (it pays to be cute) and Geric and I split some peanut M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces.  Jacob ate some applesuace and then decided the sun was too bright.

When we got back to Bridget’s house, Jon BBQed Naples Rib Company. MMmmmmmmm!  It was delicious.  I highly recommend them.  On the way home I fell asleep.  I was thinking that Mother’s Day was great, but you know what would make it awesome?  A day off!  I know that in order to get a day off, I would have to vacate the premises, otherwise my kids cling to me, no matter how much Geric tries to pry them off.  So Geric told me to pick a day and leave.  I wanted to see if anyone else out there wants to join me on my day off, because how much fun is a day off when all your friends have to work???  So what do you guys think?  Anyone else want a day off?  Let me know and we can fill in all the details… when and where. 


3 responses

  1. I am in!!!! For mothers day I got the day off… but at home so really it wasnt a day off at all… it took me 4 hours to watch a one hour and 30 min movie….. Let me know…

  2. That’s so funny! Mike asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, and jokingly I said to be away from here. Ouch. Instead we planted some foliage in our backyard and had a great day.

    I am actually going to Napa this weekend with Michelle and Katie from high school. It will be my first time away from my kids since giving birth almost 3 years ago. I was away from Aubrey while giving birth and one other weekend, but Ainsley was with us. I’m pretty sure I have never been away from Ainsley while she has been awake for more than 2 hours. Yikes! Michelle’s kids are 4 and 2, and Katie has an 11 month old. It will be a blast getting together with old friends and doing adult things!

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