Good Bye Binkie?

Caden and I have been talking for awhile now about how we’re going to give baby Judah a present when he is born.   (That’s Nicci’s baby.)  We’ve talked about finding all his binkies and putting them in a box and wrapping them up and putting a big bow on the top.  Then, we’re going to go to Ezra’s house and give them to baby Judah.  Until recently, Caden has been very excited about this idea.  I think it finally just clicked that when we get back home, all his binkies will be gone, and he suddenly wasn’t down with giving them all away. 

He only uses his binks for naps and bedtime, or if he’s going wild and crazy and I’m desperate.  I know this sounds weird, but the bink sedates him.  The second he pops that thing in his mouth, his eyes droop and zone out, he twirls his hair, and he does this moany sound that he’s always done right before he falls asleep.  Anyway, I’ve decided recently that Caden needs to be a big boy and step one is no more binks!

So, yesterday when I put him down for his nap I gave him his blanket and his dog that he sleeps with and of course he asked for his bink.  I told him to rest for a little bit and I’ll come back.  If he still wanted his bink, I’d give it to him.  I came back in about 5 minutes and he was asleep!  Yay!  I tried the same tactic at bedtime, but it didn’t work so well.  He didn’t cry for it, but he didn’t fall asleep either.  He was in bed for an hour, flopping around, kicking the side of his crib, singing songs, etc.  I went in about 4 times and finally the last time he asked for his bink and I gave in.  I told him we’d try again tomorrow to which he promptly replied, “No Mama,” rolled over and went to sleep.

But, we are going to try it again today because when he woke up this morning, he ran into my room and said, “No bink, Mama!”  He’s even trying to take Jacob’s binkie away from him!  We’ll see how it goes!


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  1. What about waiting until he gets a big boy bed and doing it all at once? That way you can say, if you need your binky you’ll need to sleep in your crib again. Or perhaps, he’ll be done by Sunday all on his own. Good Luck!

  2. You know with my oldest we used to call his pacifire his sleeping pill LOL. We were blessed in that it didn’t seem to bother him too much when we got rid of it at 19 months. I was pregnant with my youngest and didn’t want him taking it from him if he were to have one. So one day I just told him. You are such a big boy now you don’t need a pacifire. He ended up only asking for it twice and we just reminded him what a big boy he was and that was it he was fine with it. Funny thing is my youngest never even wanted one LOL. He never even sucked his thumb either. Though he was a crankier baby and probably needed one LOL. Good luck and don’t worry it will happen LOL.

  3. Ohhhh. We call it a Plug at our house but Madilyn recently started calling it Pugger. She also only uses it at nap and bedtime. I’m gettig closer to getting rid of it. I’m tempted to have her throw them away because she likes to throw things in the trash. I am expecting to have her cry at night for at least a week. I know parents have done this millions of times and everyone gets through it, so I need some support. Erin, maybe we can commit to it on the same day and that way when we’re feeling like giving in or we’re going to pull our brains out, we can at least know we are both going through it together!!!!!!

  4. Megan, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was seriously more afraid to do this than potty train him!!! Last night I held strong and he eventually fell asleep around 9:30… only an hour and a half after I laid him down. 🙂 It’s weird because he doesn’t cry, he just doesn’t go to sleep! But he’s been very proud of himself when he’s woken up from his nap (or even this morning) with no bink! Hooray!

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