Potty Training Pickle

I have a dilemma.  I’m thinking I may have jumped the gun with potty training Caden.  He has accidents at least every other day.  If we’re at home, he’ll usually be okay, but even then he has accidents occassionally.  When we’re out in public, I can pretty much guarantee myself an accident, especially if he’s going to be playing.  I think he doesn’t recognize the sensation of having to go yet and when he gets busy playing he just goes.  I’ve tried having him sit on the potty before we leave the house, but he has no patience for that.  He’ll sit for a few seconds and say, “No poo poo Mama” and jump off.  (Everything is poo poo, by the way.)  So what I’m thinking is that I’m going to go back to pull ups and stop stressing about it.  I’ll ask him occassionally, but not every hour like I have been doing.  (Maybe I’m exaggerating.)  And I’ll still have him sit on the potty at “token potty times.”  You know, first thing in the morning, when we leave the house, before his bath, etc. But I’m going to try and let him take the lead more.  If he needs to go, he’ll tell me.  And if he doesn’t, oh well. 

So, experienced potty trainers, big mistake?  Or not so much?  What do you think?


7 responses

  1. My older son wasn’t too hard to potty train. All though it did take longer to get him to poop on the potty. Now my younger son well he is a totally different story. I had tried everything to get him to go potty. I tried rewards, charts. I read lots of books and tried many different methods and not just a week or so either. I tried from the time he was almost three till he was almost 4! I even tried to just let him run around naked. Would you believe he would hold it in for hours? So of course being a concerned mom lol I stopped doing that because I didn’t want him giving himself a UTI. Finally I just stopped trying and wouldn’t you know after a few weeks he did it on his own. Not only was he pee pee trained but poo poo and night trained. He was about 4 and a 1/2 when he finally was potty trained but he did it on his own. It was a control issue for him so he had to do it on his own. I say each child is different. Sometimes the rewards and other things work and then their our children who are very strong willed and have to do it on their own LOL. I thought for sure we were going to have to send him to collage in depends LOL. What a relief when he finally did it. Didn’t have but a few accidents after that. Just watch his cues and you will know when he is really ready :).

  2. I vote don’t do it! If you give up now he will not take you seriously in the future. I know I would be confused if someone told me to “go” in a potty and then a diaper and then a potty again. And you don’t want to be all stressed out when preschool comes around and he HAS to be potty trained to go, that is no fun for anyone. Keep the potty faith, you (and Caden) can do it!

  3. Hey Erin. Go ahead and shelve it for awhile and see what happens. Most kids aren’t really ‘ready’ to be completely trained until around 3 years old. Anything earlier, in my opinion, and the parent is the one who is ‘trained’ (constant reminders and sitting them on potty, etc.). I’m lazy, I like to wait until it’s easier. I don’t think he’ll be confused. He takes his cues from you. Gavin is almost 2 1/2 and I’m planning on giving it a go this summer only because I’ll be off of work for the summer and it seems easier. I don’t expect him to be totally trained by summers end…just have basics down. I’m a fan of pull-ups. I don’t like playing with poopy panties…yuck! I use them until I don’t need to anymore. They are cheaper if you buy them in bulk at Costco. Whatever you decide to do, don’t stress. It’ll happpen! I don’t think you ‘jumped the gun’ either. All of these expereinces are a part of potty training. Good luck!

  4. I have to agree with Jessica… I think he will learn faster if he keps on having accedents…. That happend with Kaitlyn, (after a while of knowing how to use the potty) and I told her eveytime she had an accedent I would wash her off with cold water… a few days later… wouldn’t you know, no more accedents.

  5. Thanks. Now I’m TOTALLY confused. 🙂 The thing is, the accidents really don’t bother him at all. He doesn’t mind being wet and I don’t think he’d mind if I washed him off in cold water. I feel like what Alyssa was describing, I’m totally potty training myself! He rarely tells me he has to go. He usually goes because I ask him. So, I think I’m going to the pull up! I may regret this later. But I think we’ll continue to go potty when he asks and at “potty times.” He did tell me twice today in his pull up and he made it to the potty on time (once pee and once poo.) And then we’ll hit it hard core over the summer. I hope he won’t need therapy later on because of this! haha! J/K

  6. You’ve read my journey! I actually bought washale pull ups and vinyl underware covers at babies r us. I hate cleaning up pee, so the vinyl covers helped her hold the urine next to her, and you just cannot play like that. I also used pull ups EVERYTIME we left the house from October to two weeks ago. I just didn’t want to deal with an accident at the store. She wears undies now when we leave and I bring a change of clothes. Hopefully i won’t have to use them. I’m starting to use the washable pull-ups for naps since she rarely wets and I still use daipers at bedtime. I even reuse them if they are still dry. Anyway, I wanted to start later, but my stripper daughter made me start when I did. I WAS potty trained, and now with her almost 3 she is 95 percent independent. We have rules about when we sit on the potty and she does it without a fight now. Good Luck!

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