Happy Birthday Jacob!

It’s so hard for me to believe that it was a whole year ago that my little baby was born.  I feel like we just left the hospital yesterday!  But no, today Jacob turned one year old.  The day started out a little rough.  Geric took the day off work so after he got home from school we were going to go to the Santa Ana Zoo.  But Jacob was up all night last night and woke up with a blazing fever and a really yucky cough.  He wasn’t in a good place.  Zoo trip cancelled, Kasier trip scheduled.  Bummer.  It turns out he just has a cold, but he wasn’t himself today at all.  So we hung out around the house and I made spaghetti for dinner, cupcakes for dessert (with yummy vanilla cream cheese frosting… thanks Jane!) and then we opened presents… actually it was just one.  🙂  Here’s some pictures of my big boy’s day!

“What a nice little treat, Mama!”

“I’ll blow all by myself!”

“Mmmmmm, quite delicious… but you know I’m just getting started, right?  Someone get the bath ready!”

“Ummmm, this is embarassing… do I have something on my face?”

“What’s in this box?  And why is it wrapped in Christmas paper?”  Oops!

“Thank God for big brothers!”

“Look! It’s a car seat!  Now I can see the open road like everyone else!  Thanks guys!”

Jacob Stats:

He weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs. and is 31 inches tall, which puts him in the 80th percentile for height and the 13th for weight.  Tall and skinny, kinda like Daddy.

He’s walking like a little drunk baby all over the place now.  You know, wobbly and falling down for no reason, like a drunk baby would.

He says these words: Mama; Dada; No, no, no (with a grumpy look and shaking his finger!); done, done (all done); plus he makes the beginning sounds of a lot of words I say

He hates all vegetables, but likes all fruits.  He’s a picky little eater.  He won’t even eat noodles!  Crazy!

Sometimes he sleeps all night, sometimes he doesn’t.  But he always wakes up at 5:30, eats a bottle, and goes back to sleep until 7:30.

He has separation anxiety.  He won’t let me leave him in the nursery on Sunday morning, but it’s okay.  I like it in there.

He loves playing with his brother.  Go figure!  He follows him around like a little puppy.  They are actually starting to play together now.  Hooray!





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