My Trip to Mexico… I mean, Walmart

Today I was running around like a crazy person trying to pick up all the last minute goodies I need for Jacob’s party this weekend.  I wanted to send some pictures I needed to get developed over to Costco and pick them up while I was there, but their photo website is closed for two days.  Dang!  So, I sent them to Walmart instead. 

I loathe Walmart.  No good reason really, I just do.  It could be that every Walmart seems to have a very pungent smell as soon as you step out of your car in the parking lot and it only grows stronger and stronger as you’re walking towards the store and then you get blasted by the hideous odor when you walk through the doors.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, open your nostrils and take a big whiff the next time you visit Walmart.  P.U.!) 

But today it felt like I was walking into Mexico.  I understand that I live in Southern California which is why I wasn’t phased when I was the only white person walking into Walmart today.  I didn’t even really notice all the spanish being spoken around me as I was doing my shopping.  What bothered me is that I had to find a hand mixer to make Jacob’s cake and since I don’t frequent my local Walmart I had to look around at all the signs to find the right section.  Good thing I took 5 years of spanish.  “Cocina.”  That means kitchen.  So I headed that direction.  I started looking for the cheapest one.  $6.23… perfect!  Does it have different speeds?  Let me read the box.  Oh wait, it’s in spanish.  Seriously.  Annoying. 

I got everything I needed and made my way back to to the front to the checker lady.  She was white but was doing her best to speak in spanish to the lady in front of me.  “Como esta?”  “Rapido, rapido.”  She was funny.  Then it was my turn.  The first thing she asked me is if I would like to donate money to a charity.  She didn’t ask the lady in front of me.  Was she just asking because I look like a rich white lady.  “Not today.”  I’m not a rich white lady. 

Anyway, that was my little trip to Mexico for the day.  Interesting.


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  1. Walmart is no fun here either. We don’t so much have the “Mexico” factor. It is more of the eigth grade reading level check out people and the extreme elderly fully equipped with shaking hands and small stutter steps. It really isn’t all that bad, but I still hate going. Maybe it has to do with my 2006 fainting spell that landed me in the ER for 5 hours? Come to think about it, maybe it was the smell that knocked me on my butt, errr I mean head, I had a soft spot for close to a year!

  2. You guys are crazy, I LOVE Walmart. Ok, I love Target WAY more and it’s no Target. But everthing is such good prices!
    Walmart in Rancho used to have the photo processing department right next to the front door, that’s what that smell was that made you want to rip your nose off. It’s not there anymore.
    So I hope you dont hate Walmart too much cuz that’s totally where I got Jacob’s birthday present at! 🙂 (maybe it will be the wrong size and you’ll have to go return it – ha, ha, ha!)

  3. Ok, first let me say that one should NEVER venture into Wal Mart! No matter how desperate! There is nothing you need at Wal Mart that you can’t get at Target for almost the same price! Its worth the difference. Secondly let me say, yes we live in Mexifornia. Its the Golden State. It was once a land full of surfers and bleached blondes. But those days are far behind us. There is no more gold. Just a vast sea of brown. 🙂 My husband included. 🙂 I don’t want to push numero uno para espanol! I don’t want to translate the advertisments that come to my mailbox in spanish JUST BECAUSE my last name is Benitez. And when the solicitors call, “No! There is noone here who espeakaspanish”. You called me, “Do you espeakeenglish?”.
    Ok, so there you go! My tirade! Don’t even get me started on gas prices!

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