Hot Diggity Dog!

It’s official, Jacob is my talker.  Last night we went to the youth group’s pool party and they BBQed hot dogs for dinner.  I was holding Jacob and said, “Do you want to eat a hot dog?”  He looked me straight in the face and said as clear as day “hot dog.”  I told Geric and he didn’t believe me.  So tonight when we were getting the boys out of the bath I asked him to say hot dog and he did it again!  It’s very strange because at this age Caden was barely saying anything… honestly, I feel like he’s just recently come to grips with the English language and stopped speaking animal.  I’m going to try and get some video of my little yapper, because I know there are some skeptics out there that will not believe until they see.  Believe people, believe.


4 responses

  1. How do you know the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? You shouldn’t be tortured by watching shows like that! Before that baby pops out take in as much adult morning TV as you can… you know, the Today show (I love Matt Lauer… it’s weird. I feel like we have some sort of a strange connection, I’ve told Geric. He’s okay with it.) or, my personal favorite, the View (although not as entertaining now that Rosie’s gone.)

  2. I have a nephew. I have babysat. I have been subjected to the song, and its stuck in my head. Oh yes, its stuck! Cheers for ears!

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