A Day at the Spa

Today was the most relaxing day I’ve had in such a long time.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Words cannot describe how incredibly amazing today really was.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.  So here I sit writing a post about it.

Alisha came over last week to go walking with Jessica and I.  She got to experience Caden in all his glory.  (No he wasn’t naked.  Well, not the whole time… but that’s not what I’m talking about.)  Anyway, after our dreadful walk where I carried my 27 pound son half way down the mountain, Alisha mentioned I needed a day off.  I happened to agree, so I called Geric and told him to take Monday off to hang out with the boys because Alisha and I were going to Glen Ivy!

I was so excited… mud baths, lounging in the sun, hanging in the pool, relaxing.  Oh, it sounded so good!  But what’s that?  I have to wear what?  A swimsuit?  Oh… lovely.  So I went swimsuit shopping on Sunday afternoon with the fam and Geric helped me find one that I was comfortable in.  It’s actually a two piece (bikini top with short board shot bottoms.)  I know, crazy, but I don’t look too bad.  Not too good, but not too bad.  So I was set.

I packed my bag this morning and I took a picture of it.


Notice anything?  It’s my only bag and it’s not even full!  I didn’t have to pack up half the house just to walk out the door!  This is good already!

I met Alisha there and started our day by the pool.  Then we lounged on rafts in the lounging pool.  Then we enjoyed a totally overpriced lunch ($16 for a chicken club and iced tea!  What???)  Then we went to Club Mud.  We totally cracked up covering each other in mud.

Once it dried we made faces to show each other what we are going to look like when we’re really old.  Like, 56 or something!  (J/K Mom!)

After our FREEZING COLD shower (which we were slightly overdramatic about) we went down to the grotto.  Alisha treated me!  What a sweetie!  This is where you get painted all over with lotiony mask type stuff and sit in a steamy hot room for 15 minutes rubbing it all over your body.  Then you shower off in a shower with something like 400 shower heads (okay, maybe three) and then you go in a cool room and eat green apples and drink water or tea.  How delicious!

After all that business, we tanned a little more, caught up on the latest celebrity gossip (who knew Clay Aiken was going to be a daddy?  Certainly not me!), sipped pina coladas and splashed around in another pool.  Actually a few obnoxious ladies splashed us and I had to keep Alisha from giving them a beat down, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!  (Maybe I’m slightly exaggerating.) 

It was such a magical day, really. No poopy diapers.  No whining children.  No pushing or hitting.  No Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Thanks for the fun, Pup!  Let’s do it again real soon!


5 responses

  1. Can’t… contain… jealousy… AHHHH!

    I wish I had been able to make it, instead I got to sit in the dentist office for almost 2 hours and have my tooth ground down, fun!

  2. My memories of that place are all bad, being cold, wearing a saggy bottom bathing suit cuz everyone told me I’d ruin a good one, old asian men hoggin all the mineral baths, weirdos lookin at cha… all bad.

  3. How did I miss this post? I’m so jealous. Although I don’t think I could do the bikini. Nope, not with this Santa belly.

    And . . . uh . . Clay Aiken is gonna be a dad? I thought he was gay. Guess I’ve been WAY out of the loop.

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