A Couple of Saps

I was putting Caden to bed and I read him the story, “I’ll Love You Forever.”  Have you read it?  If you’re a mother of a son, you have to read it.  It’s a picture book, but it totally pulls at your heartstrings.  I was getting all teary as the boy was growing older on each page (thinking of my own sons and how fast time has already gone by) but then when I got to the part where the son goes to his mother as she’s sick and dying and rocks her and sings her the special song, I seriously lost it.  I was bawling.  Not so much that Caden noticed, but enough where I had to take deep breaths to keep reading and wipe the tears from my eyes.  Man, it totally got me.

I came out to find Geric folding the boys laundry.  He looked up at me and his eyes were all teary.  At first I thought he was eavesdropping on that heartwrenching bedtime story, but then he holds up a pair of Caden’s pajamas and says, “These aren’t always going to fit him, Er.  He’s growing up so fast.” 

We both got a little weepy.  What a couple of saps we are!


7 responses

  1. That book is the Stone Fox of picture books. I even read it in Spanish one time in college and it made me cry then too. It’s actually the type of book that you can cry about while telling a friend about it. Sheesh, you shouldn’t have read that the day after your spa trip. It killed your high!

  2. Ummm… am I the only freaked out by crazy-mom who sneaks into the window of her adult son’s room and used freakish strength to pick him up and rock him?
    If you like that book you should also read “Let Me Hold You Longer” it’s all about how little boys grow up and leave their mommies. I call it The Horrible Book.

  3. Uncle Randy gave me that book a few years ago. Imagine how it affected me at my age!!! But it is so meaningful. The story means so much beyond the actual physical interpretation. But thinking of Uncle Randy, maybe it isn’t so impossible????

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