My Escape Artist

A big boy bed has been long coming for Caden.  He has been able to climb out for his crib for probably a year now, but we just haven’t taken the step.  Besides, until recently his trips out of his crib have been few and far between.  Well, this week has been quite different.  Almost every time I put him in bed (naptime or bedtime) he climbs out.  We’ve even had to put Jacob down in the pack n play in our room so Caden won’t wake him up.

A couple of nights ago I put him to bed and sat down to watch “So You Think You Can Dance.”  All was quiet so I thought both boys were asleep.  About a half an hour later I hear a door pop open.  (We have an old house and the doors stick so they pop when you open them.)  I go to Caden’s room and he’s standing there with an empty tube of A&D ointment and A&D ointment breath.  I read the back of the tube and it said to call posion control if swallowed.  Great!  I called.  All was fine. (Sidenote: Why do they put that if they know it’s not poisonous?  To make mothers have unnecessary heartattacks maybe?)  After my strict discipline (yah right) Caden went back to bed and was asleep for the night.

Next day, I put him down for his nap.  Same thing… quiet for a half an hour and “pop!”  This time he’s holding a pull-up full of poop and saying, “Poo poo Mama.”  Nice.  I went in his room to see that not only did he empty out Jacob’s entire dresser, but he also tried to wipe his own butt and climbed up to the changing table for the wipes… leaving poop smears all over our glider.  Nice.  I cleaned him up, took the cushions from the glider, and put him back to bed.  He went to sleep.

Last night, at about 9:30 Geric went into the hallway to get some clothes.  He noticed the light to Caden’s room was on and went inside.  He came out cracking up and saying, “Erin, you have to come here and see this.”  Here is what he found:


He must’ve climbed out, played for a little while and then was too exhausted to go back to bed so he just curled up there on the floor!  Man, he drives me crazy, but I love him to death!


4 responses

  1. We started putting a gate in Aubrey’s doorway with the door closed. That way she can’t sneak up on us doing, you know. Anyway, it has helped a lot. She did jump it once, but that was it. Now we don’t use it, but threaten to start again if she leaves her room. Fortunately we rarely find her sleeping anywhere but her bed, she loves that thing!

  2. I was just thinking back to bed transition time. We also emptied Aubrey’s room of toys so there wasn’t much to do outside of her bed. I had a small stack of books on a table, that was it. Now that she stays put, she’s got tons of distractions in there again. I’m sure when she wants to drop her nap we will be back to playing instead of sleeping, but I hope that is a long way off.

  3. Erin,
    I knew someone who took the metal part off the crib that holds the mattress and then let the mattress fall to the floor so the walls of the crib were extra high. Try that! 🙂
    By the way, I love your descriptive writing skills, I don’t have the ability to narrate quiet like you do!!!! You should write short stories about your children and submit them to magazines or even collect them into a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knows, you never know, YOU COULD become famous.

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