MARATHON TRAINING:  I just realized the other day that some of you out there in the blogosphere think I’m still training for a marathon.  Sike!  I totally got you good, huh?  I even complained about a sports bra in one of my posts just to make it seem like I was really training!  HAHAHAHA! 

Okay, seriously, I quit.  Are you surprised?  I didn’t think so.  That’s 26 miles people!  I’m not an athlete (remember I quit cross country after ONE DAY!)  and it’s hotter than Hades right now and I have two toddlers that don’t particularly enjoy spending any time in the double jogger, much less enough time to train for a whole marathon.  And to add to my list of excuses, I’m really just a quitter when it comes to marathons.  I’ve done this a few times before… you know, said I was going to do it, train for a few weeks, and then quit.  So if you ever see me flappin’ my big ol’ mouth about running a marathon I give you permission to not believe me.  (I’ll probably get pissed and talk smack about you behind your back, but you can still say something.)  🙂

BINKY:  We’re all on the same page now.  For a little while there, somebody was giving Caden his binky at naptime while I was at work saying that was the only way to get him to go to sleep.  Caden ratted that somebody out when I asked him how his nap was and he said, “Dean, bink.”  (He calls himself Dean.)  I said, “No, Dean doesn’t have a bink anymore because Dean is a big boy.”  And he said, “No, Dean bink!”

Hmmmm.  After somebody and I had a nice long talk, we now realize that it is in the best interest of Caden to stay a united front and refrain from using the binkie.  It’s going good, although he did spend a refreshing two hours in his room yesterday without taking any sort of a nap.

POTTY TRAINING:  We are back to the full time use of pull ups.  He still does number two in the potty about 80 percent of the time.  And honestly, isn’t number two what we don’t want to deal with anyway?  So, I say bravo, Caden!  I’ve asked him a few times if he wants to go in the potty and just lately he’s become interested in peeing in there again because I put a goldfish cracker in the bowl to aim at.  He says, “Hit a fish, Mama!”  and that’s when I know he needs to pee.  🙂  I’ve also asked him if he’s going to sit or stand (when there’s not a fish, obviously) and if he wants to stand he’ll just say “Potty yike Nate!”  Thanks for the demo Nate!  🙂 

GERIC’S JOB:  Nothing too specific to share, but we do have a lead at a church that would be such an awesome opportunity, and also a big challenge for Geric.  He’s given them his resume and a CD of one of his teachings and we have a few different connections there, so now it’s in God’s hands.  I’m totally not getting my hopes up (I know, Debbie Downer) but when I do, it always seems to not work out.  So we kind of have an attitude of, if it happens, awesome.  If not, that’s okay too.

SALAD EATING: It sucks.  Anyone want to do Weight Watchers with me? 

Okay, I think that’s it.  Hope everyone had a happy father’s day.  We did!  I’ll post more about that tomorrow!  (I love a good teaser!)


3 responses

  1. I’ll do weight watchers with you, but we have to wait until AFTER the holidays. I really want to pack on those last 25 pounds. 🙂

  2. I just relized I never paid you for lunch! That was like a quarter of your weekly bugdet, so remind me next time you see me- well wait until im inbetween contractions!

  3. Good that you posted about that marathon. Can’t have everyone out there like myself thinking you’re busting your butt training and we’re all losers who barely squeeze in exercise. Glad to know I’m not the only quitter. Ahem, boot camp.

    What do you have to do for weight watchers?

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