Father’s Day… Better Late Than Never!

Father’s Day was great this year.  It actually started on Saturday for us.  Geric was at a conference, so the boys and I were busy getting a gift, painting cards, and making cookies for all the dads in the family.  Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and I opened it to find a woman holding a vase of the most beautiful flowers.  See?

At first I thought, “How sweet!  Geric sent me flowers because he’s been gone for the last two days!”  But then I noticed my last name was spelled wrong.  These could only be from one person… my dad!  Did he get the day backwards?  I read the card and this is what it said, “You’re a great daughter.  You make it easy to be a dad.  I’m going to have a very happy father’s day, because of you!”  Now, I know, up until this moment you probably thought you had the best dad on the planet, but I think we can all agree that my dad just blew your dad out of the water.  🙂

On Sunday Geric woke up to find a couple of big fathers day cards the boys made, homemade oatmeal cookies, and homemade blueberry scones.  (Caden’s a really good baker!)  After church we went to the beach.  There were all these blow up toys on Main Street, but I only got a picture of Caden in the bounce house before my camera died. (But he did slide down the big shark you can see in the background… with a look of terror on he face when he reached the bottom.)

He had so much fun, and Jacob kept trying to find a way in, but he’s still too little.  Maybe next year, little bunchkin. 

We were supposed to go to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to hear Geric’s favorite Bible teacher (Chuck Smith) but everyone needed a shower and a bed.  So, last Sunday my mom and dad watched the boys and we went out to dinner to Maggiano’s (YUMMY!!!) and to church.

So, while we were supposed to be celebrating Geric and my Dad, I totally made out like a bandit!  Hee hee!  Happy Father’s Day to the two best Dad’s I know!  Love you guys!

4 responses

  1. That is sooooo awesome what your dad did! He is totally dad of the year even though he doesn’t know how to spell your name 🙂

  2. Our Pops is the best… I thought the same thing, that he got the day backward… This takes a close second to him taking us on a shopping spree because “it makes him happy to see us happy”! Love him!

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