Baby Judah’s Here!

Jake and Nicci had their baby today!  Her water started leaking this morning and they got to the hospital around 1pm.  They gave her cytotec at 4ish when she was still at a one, and baby Judah came into the world at 7:52pm.  No pitocin and no epidural.  She only had 2 hours of real labor and pushed twice.  Must be nice… but I’m not hatin’.  He weighs 8 lb. 7 oz.   I haven’t seen the little bugger (because I’m all germy) thus, no pictures.  But I am told he looks just like Geneva and Ezra, so close your eyes and picture them and it’ll be just like you’re looking at Judah. 

I’m going to force her to post on her own blog about this, but just wanted to share the good news.  Man, I love baby days!  Kinda makes me want to have another one… but not quite. 

Oh, I almost forgot this cute story.  I told Caden that Ezra is a big brother now and he said, “Yay, baby Judah!”  I asked him if he was going to tell Ezra about being a big brother and he said, “Yah.”  I asked him what he was going to tell him and he said, “Big boy and hold hands.”  How cute is that?


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  1. Yes, MAKE her post! Congrats Hamiltons. When I hear the name Judah, I think of that song . . . Hail Hail Lion of Judah! That’s gonna be his theme song, watch.

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