I Broke Up With Oprah

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  We’ve been growing apart for some time now, really.  It probably started back when she first opened her school in Africa for the poor little girls that need an education.  She was being such a philanthropist, really, she was, but it just didn’t sit right with me when she would do a show on Africa and the very next day do a show on her amazing black and white party, or her out-of-control, over-the-top 50th birthday party, or whatever, while she was wearing her 420 karat diamond earrings.  Just rubbed me the wrong way.  But I kept watching.

When she started promoting her new book for her book club, A New Earth, Geric nearly had a heart attack every time he saw her face on our TV.  He would go on and on about how evil that book is and how it’s full of new age concepts and yadda, yadda, yadda.  I never read the book, but I kept watching Oprah.

Then she stood behind Barrack Obama.  I’m not really against Obama (although I would never vote for someone who is openly pro-abortion… call it pro-choice to soften the blow, but it’s really pro-abortion.)  I just don’t think entertainers need to tell us who they’re voting for.  It makes me look at them differently, and it causes a divide.  Just entertain, please.  I didn’t like it when she did that.  But I kept watching her show.

The clincher for me was the show that I tivoed the other day about phobias people have and how they go back into their past lives to find clues as to why they have the fears they have, and then use those clues to conquer those fears.  Huh?  I know, it’s crazy!  I only watched the first 15 minutes, but it was this lady who was so afraid of dolls that she couldn’t even pick up her daughter at day care because she was sitting on the rug holding a doll… ridiculous.  Anyway, she went to the quack doctor that Oprah brought on her show and got hypnotized and uncovered the “truth” that in her past life she was in a car accident in which she died and her babies were in the back seat crying.  Fast forward to this life and she was sick in the hospital at 18 months and given a doll for comfort, but heard the sounds of babies crying and connected back to her past life and connected that to her doll, and thus, her fear of dolls.  Get it?  Me neither. 

Anyway, they started talking about how some people may be skeptic and then they started talking about God.  And Oprah made her famous statement, “Call it what you want, it doesn’t have to be ‘God.'”  And then they started walking down the path of relativism, you know, what right for me may not be right for for you and what is wrong for you may not be wrong for me.  The whole conversation made me want to vomit.

First of all, His name is God, Yahweh, Father, Jesus Christ.  His name is not universe, spiritual being, or any other crazy name you, Oprah, decide or feel comfortable with.  He created you, not vice versa, so let’s let Him decide what He wants to be called and let’s not look at Him like he can’t just reach down and wipe you off the face of this planet, oh richest lady in the universe, because He can if he wants to, so maybe you should fear Him just a smidge.  (I know that was totally a run on sentence, but I’m annoyed.)

Secondly, we can’t just all subscribe to our own “truth.”  Anyone that has taken any sort of philosophy 101 class knows that relativism as a theory holds no water, right Stef? Truth has to be true all the time, or else it’s false.  So if your truth is false for me, then it’s just false.  There has to only be one truth, not 200, they’d all cancel each other out!  And there is one truth, and His name is Jesus Christ.  If you’d like to know more about him, ask me, or open your Bible. 

I know this post is controversial (right up there with Santa and homeschooling.)  I know that some of you are reading this all slack-jawed and buggy-eyed, and that’s cool.  I know I probably offended you, and that’s okay, because I know Jesus has offended a few people Himself.  I’m just sick of sitting around and watching one of the most powerful people in the world saying and promoting all these ridiculous lies and everyone else just taking it in like we’re all a bunch of dumb sheep with mush for brains.  

And, I figured, this is my blog, I can say what I want.

So, my relationship with Oprah is over.  I don’t think we’re even going to stay friends.        

12 responses

  1. I haven’t watched Oprah in a long time because of things like this too. What’s sad is she has so many people snowed and following her. For me there is only one “person” I will follow and his name is Jesus Christ who died and rose again not just for my sake but even for those that have turned their back on him and are following a famous person because it’s a feel good religion. Just sad :(.

  2. After hearing that rambling 8 min of bologna between Oprah and the other confused fruitcake, I’m going to have a lot more freetime on my DVR!! It really is a shame that Oprah has so much money and so much influence on people all over the world. Ridiculous.

  3. Let me just say that I’ve had some of the exact same irritations as you. That being said, I’ll go on watching from time to time. Watching does not mean I’m ‘following’ her or that I don’t have my own beliefs and convictions that will stay the same regardless of what hers are. To tell you the truth, I know plenty of okay people with some pretty wacked out ideas, but I still associate with them. I just tune them out when they get wacked and sort of agree to disagree! It works for me! 🙂

  4. Well said. I haven’t watched Oprah in forever mostly because I can’t get through all the sap, but that whole mess about the doll fear? WTF is that? You said it beautifully.

    – ONE TRUTH to rule them all. lol

  5. Kiddo, I was watching the commercial for that episode and thought that she had gone crazy too! But I will watch the episodes with the famous people and their new movies or albums. I like those shows. But they are few and far between with all the waco stuff she’s tapping into.

  6. I’m proud of you for taking the stand that you consistently, my agreement with you notwithstanding. After the diamond ring and the black and white garments and the school in Africa all fade away, I’ll bet you Opra will be left standing wondering if she was right. The nice thing about what we believe is I don’t have to wonder about it because it is the truth.

  7. YOU GO GIRL!!! Oprah has had WAY too much power in people’s lives ( women mostly) for far too long! I can’t stand to see her face anymore ( Yea, Geric) I have been concerned for YEARS over her form of “religion” and her interpretation of GOD! I kept imagining young confused pre-christians buying into her gobblety-goo! At first she was EVER -so subtle…now she is just OUT THERE! Isn’t SHE going to be surprised when she meets the real GOD of the universe and has to stand accountable! Let’s pray she finds the ONE TRUE GOD before judgement Day!

  8. Hi 🙂 I just randomly came across your blog… I must say I never really got into Oprah… my mom tries to get to me to watch episodes she think would be good for me and I try and can’t get through 2 minutes… Jesus is the only way! Way to stand up for what you believe in through boycotting the ones who support a theory otherwise 🙂 Happy blogging and God bless

  9. Oh I have always disliked Harpo. I think she is SO full of her own crap. I just can’t stand all the self righteous crap that comes out of her mouth. That woman is a piece of work. And by work I mean crap. 🙂

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