The Secret to Weight Loss

I’ve discovered it!  There are two things that must happen:

1.  Get so sick that every time you swallow it feels like shards of glass are scraping your throat on the way down.  (Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?)  It will definitely lower your caloric intake.

2.  When your kids go outside to play in the water, put on your swim suit, too!  You’re all alone with a couple of toddlers, why not get a tan?  Plus, every few minutes you’ll look down at your flub-a-licious body and decide that a salad is not such a bad choice for lunch.


One response

  1. Another secret… start reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (young adults romance/ suspense novel), then read the other two books in her series. You will be so caught up in her novels that you won’t consider getting off the couch to get food. You will also stop watching Days of Our Lives while your kids nap. You just won’t care about ANYTHING else. I’ve read the first three books in her series in the last week and a half AND I’ve reread the first one twice and most of the second one. Seriously, I lost two pounds! Try it!

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