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Is there anyone out there that is as annoyed with this new “hands free” cell phone law as I am?  It really bugs me!  The hands free contraption that I have came with my phone (becuase we’re too poor to spring for the blue tooth thingy) and it’s WAY more distracting than just holding a phone to my ear while I drive.  It has this annoying wire that dangles down and I wonder if the person I’m talking to can even hear me so I end up holding it close to me mouth, but then I can’t hear very well out of the do-dad that’s in my ear so I switch between holding the wire thing and pushing the do-dad into my ear so I can hear better.  Then, if I’m not talking, do I keep the do-dad in my ear?  Because that’s totally distracting for me to have something in my ear while I’m driving.  But then if I take it out and someone calls, I’m scrambling to find the tiny do-dad and get it in my ear on time… talk about distracting!  So, I stopped using it.  I’m now answering my phone on speaker phone and holding it a safe distance of 10 inches from my mouth so if a cop stops me I’ll just tell him I was checking the time.  I say if you want to stop distractions in the car, all cars should come equipped with sound proof limo windows that go up between the driver and the screaming children in the back seat.  But, what do I know?

My two-year-old is a genius!  (My one-year-old probably is too, but he’s not old enough to prove it yet.)  Caden knows most of his colors and shapes.  He can count to 10!  He can dress himself (including shoes)and take off his clothes (that’s actually been happening for awhile.) He can get himself in his car seat and almost buckle the top buckle.  He can look at the traffic lights and tell me when its red and says to stop and when it turns green he says, “Geen go!”  And he can ride his tricycle all around our neighborhood!  Aren’t you thoroughly impressed??  When he grows up he wants to be a “fida-man.”  He even puts on his “fida-man hat” to help his little brother.

I’ve been teaching summer school this week in the mornings monday through thursday from 8:30 until 12.  I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy it!  Who would’ve thought a day would come that I would enjoy waking up to an alarm, getting ready first thing in the morning, taking my coffee to-go, and driving in traffic on my way to Redlands?  But I really do!  It makes my professional side happy.  Plus, the boys stay home with Daddy and that’s awesome.  They’ve been needing some quality Daddy time for awhile now.

Caden likes to play with me A LOT!  He used to be content as long as I was in the room with him and now he’s always saying, “Mommy, want you to play with me!”  It’s nice, but he’s at a weird age where he’s too little to play games (we tried Candy Land… I almost pulled my hair out!) But I also want to pull my hair out watching his little train go around and around and around and around and around… So, what do you play with you toddler?

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  1. I just got this great book – The Playschool Toddler’s Busy Play Book. It has all sorts of ideas from pudding finger painting to games for play in the car. It also has sections for seasonal activities too! I haven’t done any yet, but I have been flipping through it and found lots of fun things – even recipes!

  2. We do LOTS of coloring and play-doh. But I have two girls, so they love to dress up and do hair and make-up.. not so much something you can do with your boys. 🙂 Legos are always a good idea, and so is Mr. Potatoe Head!

  3. The hands free phone is annoying, but my car is like “Kit” from knight rider and it talks to me… sucks when you’re listening to good music and someone calls though.
    I think Caden will definitely be caring on the tradition of being “Gifted And Talented” GO GATE!!!
    So,here are some games I enjoyed in preschool… Playdough, paper mache (not sure if that’s how you spell it), coloring/painting, building stuff- blocks, forts, legos- climbing and jumping on things-jungle gyms, walls, trampolines- I loved that memory game… just a few things I remember from my St. Peter & St. Paul Days.
    I loved hanging out yesterday… sorry about the nail thing- If you guys come out to the beach next week (maybe Wednesday?) I will watch the boys and you can go across the street and get your nails did 🙂 LOve u!

  4. We have been playing online games during Ainsley’s morning snooze. Some are easy for her to do “all my byself” and some need “mommy play too.” So that’s what we do!

  5. Kiddo!! I’m so glad you wrote about the hands free. I was totally considering writing a blog about it too! Crazy. I got your text by the way about the fair. I was very jealous. I can honestly say my best times at the fair have been with you! I was coming home from mexico and at the border so I couldn’t respond, but I hope you all had fun. I luv you!

  6. Erin,
    I have been breaking the law almost daily since July 1. I don’t have a hands free thing yet, but I better get one!

  7. Maybe you could just get a reall wide headband and tuck your phone under it when you get a call.
    That would look awesome if we all started wearing those in the car.

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