A Veritable Smorgasbord

I don’t usually liken myself to animals (especially rodent types) but when it comes to fair food, just call me Templeton.  (The rat from Charlotte’s Web, for those of you that haven’t read the book since fourth grade.) 

For children, the fair is rides and petting zoos.  For teens, it’s a place to hang with your crush.  For my mom and dad, it’s a place to get bamboozled into buying the latest piece of crap.  For me, however, it’s pure delicious-ness!  Is there really any other reason to go to the fair besides the food?  Well, maybe for an annual ring cleaning for only a quarter!  It’s so sparkly again!

I used to go wild at the fair!  I’d eat anything and everything deep fried (including snicker bars and oreo cookies) but now that I have a family that needs to eat, too, and since fair food is ridiculously overpriced, my intake of the fair delicacies has become limited to an appetizer, main course, beverage, and dessert.  (I know, Alisha, your jaw just dropped, but my kids have to eat, too!) 

So, we went to the OC fair yesterday.  Geric thinks it’s cleaner than the LA fair.  I say, a fairs a fair.  It’s filled with carnies and they’re all dirty!  Anyway, I started the evening with a BBQed corn on the cob.  I think it’s a sin to go to the fair and not get a corn on the cob, right? 


I was thirsty so I got a lemonade, the kind with the real lemon juice and sugar that they shake in front of you.  And I did share with everyone, which is so out of character for me.


For my main course Caden and I split chicken strips with deep fried zucchini and onions. Mmmmmmm.  Your mouth is watering right now, huh?


Jacob enjoyed some chicken, too!


Geric had a meatball sandwich that he totally regretted at around 11:30.  Yowza!  (He let me have a bite.)


For dessert I had a cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting.  Sorry, no picture.  We were in a crowded shopping area.

As delicious as the food was (and it was! Believe me!) the highlight of the fair this year was the pony rides!  Caden got to go on one ride (because those are ridiculously overpriced too) and at first he did not want to go on the ponies.  But after we walked through the area with the sheep and cows, he was into it.  He looked so super-cute up on Smokey.

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy to leave the fair.  Maybe he totally disappointed that we couldn’t find the gingerbread house with the incredible apple crisps.  Maybe he was thinking he wanted more to eat.

Not to worry, my little son, the LA fair is just around the corner, and Mommy will get you a giant turkey leg.


4 responses

  1. How fun… can’t wait to go! Great pics sis! If you don’t have a tummy ache after a trip to the fair… then the trip to the fair wasn’t done right 🙂

  2. I love that I’m not the only person I know who takes pictures of themselves eating bbq’d corn!
    Nate misses Caden, he has it in his head that Diego undies = Caden (I have no idea why) So yesterday when I put them on him he made me call him Caden and kept telling me Zach was Jacob.

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