Naked Boy has been doing really well with the whole potty training thing… as long as he’s naked… which is all the time now whenever we are home.  For the past three days we have had no accidents at home, except for one poop on the floor of his bedroom because he didn’t want to take a nap.  (Have I mentioned that Naked Boy is a strong willed child?)  But all pee pee has been right in the potty.

However, I am now ready to venture out of the house and Naked Boy cannot accompany me to Target.  Unfortunately, Caden has a strong aversion to big boy undies now.  Could it be the trauma caused by potty training, not potty training, and then potty training again?  Perhaps.  Whatever the reason, it’s annoying!

I’ve tried letting him pick his own pair (He has nine pairs – Diego (maybe he told Nate, Jane!), Cars, and Shrek) but he refuses.  I’ve tried forcing a pair on… not to successful.  And now I’ve resorted to keeping him in his room until he picks a pair he likes.  I’m not sure that will work either.  Any ideas of how to get Naked Boy to change back into his alter-ego and go out into the world as Fully Clothed Boy?

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  1. Good luck! He doesn’t really need underwear as long as he wears pants… or do they have like boxer briefs for kids? Those are more like shorts at least 🙂 BTW- it’s always a chicken week or you need to update eh?

  2. UPDATE: I was writing that post in the midst of frustration. As soon as I was done I went into Caden’s room and asked him if he wanted to ride his bike. He jumped up, yelled, YAH! and picked out a pair of undies. Who knew? Anyway, he even wanted to wear a pair to bed but I had to tell him that when he’s sleeping that he has to wear his nighttime undies (AKA pull ups). We went back and forth for a little bit but after I explained that he’d end up sleeping in a puddle of pee, he put on a pull up. I’m pooped. Can’t wait for the teenage years with this one.

  3. Hooray! Great progress.
    Unfortuatly Nate crapped on the floor this week too – boo! He was really sad and said it just came out too fast – which made me laugh. Luckily it was on the bathroon floor.
    Keep it up girl!

  4. Same thing here., AJ wears undies no problem, but her new found “trained” status causes her to think she is “Never Has To Pee Girl” so she is going 3 times a day. We have to say that if she cannot pee we cannot leave the house. Ugh! She also had extremely loose poop in her undies during nap yesterday and it was pooled all through her room before she told me about it! Ugh!!! She woke up dry today, but still refuses to sit on the potty. “I’m fine mommy!” I had to go as soon as I got up!

  5. Leah’s comment made me laugh. I don’t want poop anywhere but the toilet when I’m potty training . . . I’m not looking foward to it. Madilyn will sometimes go into the bathroom, close the door, take off her clothes and diaper and sit on the toilet. She doesn’t actually pee . .. but I guess this is a step in the whole beginning process, huh?
    Again, the poop stories are just wrong. Thanks for sharing though . . . now I know what to possibly expect, although I think I”m in denial that this will happen to me. Laugh at me now, I’ll update you later! 🙂

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