Oh no, not me!!!

I know it has been awhile since I posted and I deeply apologize to all my faithful readers.  🙂  Working half a day everyday keeps a mommy busy and then you go and throw in VBS every night this week, and aye caramba!  Only one more week of summer school and VBS was a blast, but it’s over… thank God!  By the way, my husband did an amazing job putting the whole thing together and leading the whole thing.  It was very cool to be able to be there every night and watch him do his thing, since we rarely make it to youth group.  I was so proud of my man!

So, on to some exciting news.  Remember I told all of you that Geric had a few leads at churches as far as youth pastor positions?  Well, one of the churches (the best one in my opinion) asked him to come in for an interview.  They were so impressed that they asked him to come back.  They were so impressed again, that they asked him to come back again… “and this time, bring your wife.”  Huh?  Your what?  Me?  Seriously?

So, it’s down to two people for the jr. high youth pastor position and they want both of us to come and talk to a few of the pastors and youth leaders on Tuesday evening.  I’m freaking out!!!  Why?  Well, think about it.  They obviously like Geric.  They’ve talked to him twice (both times over an hour) and they picked him to be in their final two.  Now they want to meet me, and let’s just think negatively for a minute, and pretend that he doesn’t get the job.  What do you think stood in his way?  BINGO!  ME!  This is A LOT of pressure, A LOT of pressure!  How many of you had to go and interview for your husband’s job???  None, I bet.  And let’s just be honest here… I make a HORRIBLE first impression.  I am aware of this downfall I have, and I feel like I’ve gotten better, but I’m still so-so.  I’m serious.  Think back to the first time you met me (for those of you that know me) you probably didn’t like me.  I hear that all the time!  I really do! (Unless you birthed me.  Mom, I know you like me.)

Oh, this is PRESSURE!!!  What am I going to wear?  What if they ask how involved I am in youth group now, because it’s not much!  I have two little guys to wrangle all the time.  What if they ask me something and something stupid comes out?  What if I try to be funny and sarcastic, like I normally am, and they don’t get it or they do get and it and they just don’t think that I’m funny?  What if I’m just a big raging bull in a China shop?  (That’s what my dad says… only because he is speaking from experience.  It’s not in a mean way, really.  He just gets me.)   

I know I just need to be myself.  If they don’t like me for me, then I don’t want to be there anyway.  I would just feel so awful if I was the reason that Geric got passed up for this amazing job.  Really, really awful.  They really should think about that when they ask wives to come in and interview.  The aftermath if the husband doesn’t get the job, because that would really suck.  Really, really suck.

Okay, that’s enough of my rant.  I have four days to rehearse answers to possible questions and get super-duper nervous.  If you feel inclined to leave some encouragment, feel free.  Spread the love, people, spread the love.


6 responses

  1. Yikes! That is a lot of pressure. Just think, if they google you they will read this and know how nervous you are and show you grace. You remind me of Chandler on Friends when he is going in for an interview though. Did you see that episode? Hilarious! He can barely hold it together when the interviewer talks about his “duties”. Seriously though, they are going to love you! And more importantly, Geric does and still will even if he doesn’t get the job.

  2. I liked you when I first met you! At least I don’t remember NOT liking you! They probably just want to see that you support Geric and understand what they want from him, to make sure you aren’t guilting him to pick you and the kids over God’s kids 🙂 And most importantly to make sure they aren’t going to be going through a divorce with one of their pastors. You will do GREAT. I’ve never met Geric, but you speak very highly of him here on your blog and I can tell you are very much in love, so I am sure they will pick up on that too.

    I’ll be praying for you guys! If this job doesn’t work out I am sure there will be a great one right around the corner.

  3. heeheehee… I JUST remembered the VERY first time I met you… you sitting on your bottom bunk at MTV summer camp with your softball visor…. I liked you too the first time I met you… 🙂

    I think at the interview if they ask you for your testimony on how you became a “Christian” I think you should tell them with a straight face, “I was born that way”…. I did that at a meeting for a teaching position at a Christian school… it was my sarcasm coming out… I couldnt believe I said it… I told them I was kidding and they all laughed…. It was in front of the school church board…. I wasnt very smart.

  4. Stef,

    You crack me up! I think giving a testimony is tough for a lot of people who grew up in a church and never left it. My hubby talks about that. He doesn’t have any story really. He knows when his relationship with God became his own and not something that was expected of him, but he just never walked away, at least not yet 🙂 So in a lot of ways he was born that way, at least until he moved out and went to college. It really wasn’t a choice in his house.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next week. I guess I should probably work on getting something in stone. I hate traveling. It’s a lot of work!

  5. Oh kiddo, your funny! I liked you and you’ve always made fun of me and I didn’t think you were mean except that one time…. JUST KIDDING!
    So I think I can give you insight on this because this is what we did with our youth pastor interview . The one with the wives pretty much determines it. Pretty much they want to make sure you understand the role of a youth pastor and how much time it takes and that you support him and are willing to be that support and live a life that reflects that. If that makes any sense. Which you already do right now and are close with many people who are in ministry or husbands who are in ministry. So in my opinion your a kind of pastors wife they’re looking for. So no worries your fine. And if he doesn’t get picked it wasn’t you it was Geric because they know the wives really dish out what the husbands are really like. I’m just kidding, luv ya kiddo.

  6. Awww I wish I would’ve read this before hand – I’ve been so wrapped up in thesis world, I’ve been out of touch with the blogosphere. I’m sure you did wonderfully, Erin. You are confident and funny and I’m sure they just loved you!

    But yah I don’t ever want to be called in for one of Aaron’s job interviews. Luckily since he’s in geology, I won’t. I mean, what would they ask me – if I like rocks too? Bleh.

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