Just because he’s quiet, does not mean that he’s sleeping

The other day I put Caden down for his afternoon nap.  Ever since we got rid of the binky, naps have been a struggle, but he still takes one every day.  So I put him to bed and shut the door behind me and left to go play with Jacob.  All was quiet, so I figured he fell asleep.  (Usually, if he’s awake, he let’s you know it.)  So, an hour and half later I go to put Jacob down in the pack n play in our room and as I walk in the hall I hear a bump on the wall.  My first thought is, “Figures.  As soon as I lay down one, the other one wakes up.  I never get a break!”  So I laid Jacob down and walked over to Caden’s room.  The moment I open the door I’m blasted with the stench of his poop.  I wish I you had smell-o-vision right now, because it was rank!!!  He obviously pooped in his pants awhile ago!  I look on the floor and I see this.

DSC01784 by you.

Are those ALL of Jacob’s clothes, you ask?  Pretty much.  I turn the corner and I see this.

DSC01785 by you.

Is that Santa or is that Caden?  Oh, it’s Caden.  What’s that on his face?  Desitin.  This is the second time he’s done this.  I’ve already called poison control once and it’s harmless, so I didn’t freak out, but you would have thought I would have learned to put it in an unreachable area.  Nah.  Notice the baby socks on his feet?  That one cracked me up!!! 

DSC01786 by you.

The sudeen look of fear is because Geric just walked in… and he didn’t think the baby socks were as funny as I did.

Man, just when life get’s boring, Caden spices things up.  I love my two year old!!!!  (Two more months ’til he’s three.)


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  1. For the record… I think this is hilarious!!! I’m just sorry you had to clean it all up after… that’s the only bummer. When Kaitlyn is quiet, I can usually count on finding water all over.. she loves to get it from the fridge door. And I HATE it when you just spent two hours the day before going through all the clothes sorting, and puting away… and then BAM all over the bedroom! I feel for you, I’m glad you took pictures… I will have to remember to take pictures before punishing next time! 🙂

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