My Squealing Little Piggy

DSC01750 by you.

Jacob is the busiest boy I’ve ever met.  He’s not naughty-busy, he’s just busy.  Always on the go.  Always has somewhere to be.  Going, going, going.  Kinda like the energizer bunny.  I guess because he’s so energized all the time, he has to re-fuel A LOT!!!  Any time someone has food, he runs up and screams a very high-pitched, ear-piercing scream until he gets some.  It’s super fun when you’re in Target with one bag of popcorn and every 2 seconds he’s screaming for a piece.  He acts as if he’s going to starve to death.  But he’s not.  In fact he out-eats Caden at almost every meal.  A typical breakfast for this child consists of about a cup of cheerios and some sliced strawberries, and then THREE waffles!!!  No that is not a typo, he really eats three waffles.  For lunch, he eats four or five chicken nuggets, plus whatever Caden didn’t eat, goldfish, and some pears.  It’s insane.  You would think he would be a chubby little thing. but no, he’s in the 13th percentile for weight.  I don’t know where it all goes.  I heard on the radio that it costs $14,000 more to raise a boy than to raise a girl (over their lifetime), and I’m starting to believe that the majority of that must be because of the grocery bill.


3 responses

  1. No joke, Gina! At first I was like, no way, but then I thought about it. Boys are risk takers and insurance is more for them. And they probably need more clothes since they fall down doing boy activties. Which brings me to medical bills. And then there’s the food. They eat A LOT!

  2. At least I won’t have the grocery bill! Mine don’t eat. They share a Happy Meal and still can’t finish it! I don’t know how mine survive! 🙂

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