This post is in response to a couple of very rude comments that I received on a couple of my previous posts.  Honestly, I welcome readers of all kinds.  I don’t care if I know you or not.  If you like my blog and enjoy reading it, read away, my friend, read away.  But please, if you have something mean to say, maybe you should just keep it to yourself or if you just HAVE to let me know, at least put your correct email address so we can dialogue.  I find that people have a huge amount of courage when they are hiding behind a computer screen.  It’s one thing to share an opinion that it different from mine and it’s a completely different thing to call me judgmental and question my parenting skills, especially when you’ve never even met me!  I don’t apologize for anything I have written on here.  Not this or this or this.  In fact, more often than not I hear that people enjoy reading my blog because of my honesty.  But if you don’t like what I write, that’s fine.  You’re entitled to your own opinion.  I would implore you to find another blog to read… don’t leave nasty comments on mine.


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  1. That’s so funny that you posted this today. A god friend of mine called me today because someone left a nasty annon comment on her blog. Her comment suggested that she is not making her daughter’s health a priority, which is way off base. She is a very researched mommy and does everything possible to make sure her daughter is well cared for. Anyway, we determined it has to be some lurker who has read for a while or a friend because of some of the personal information they knew. It’s just mean and disrespectful. Also when I posted about the Twilight series (have you started them yet, you’ll love them) someone posted that I need to get a life and have some adult time. Ummm, that’s what I am doing by reading something I like and discussing it with my friends. Needless to say I deleted the comment and moved on.

    Anyway, Jacob is totally old enough to be in a bed, and without cameras, you don’t know what he is doing in there. Give me a break. And who cares if he pulled some clothes out. Whatever to fake name commenter!

  2. If I get weird comments, I just delete them. But it kinda freaks me out and makes me want to stop blogging when I know some creep is reading about us.

  3. So maybe I was a little harsh. I just reread that and I come off as a major snot. Here’s the thing, I think as moms we already feel like we fail a lot of the time, because well, we’re not perfect. So when someone comes and shoves it in my face and reminds me that sometimes my parenting skills suck (legitimate or not) it automatically gets me into defensive mode. My family is the most important thing in my life, and I try really hard to be a good wife and mommy. Also, I’m totally stressin’ today. I really thought we would have heard by now if Geric got that job… but nothin’. I had to take my frustrations out somewhere! Poor blog, I’ll be nicer to you tomorrow.

  4. I absolutely HATE anonymous comments! Even when they say nice things it’s like “Who are, saying my kids are cute? I wanna know you’re not a weirdo.”
    I don’t even understand why people who don’t know you read your blog, that’s weird.
    Keep bloggin whatcha think girl, screw em!

  5. Hey there!
    I say don’t worry about those comments! I love reading your blog – even though my normal lack of comment qualifies me as a lurker! 🙂 Your blog is you through and through! I know I am out of touch with you – and others from the good ol’ days, and this is my way to see you! Thanks for the regular updates! I so relate to what you have to say!

    And – no worries about Caden and the Desitin! Zachary did that twice when he was about the same age! The biggest pain – cleaning up that greasy stuff! When he got a hold of the baby powder, it was messy, but at least a vacuum does the job effortlessly!

  6. Erin you are an awesome mom and blogger! I aspire to be like you with my little boy. 🙂 People are so nosy and rude I agree with the others who said delete the comments and forget it. It does leave that weird feeling with you though, huh? Joshua loves reading your blog too – he thinks you are hilarious and says you must have been a fun friend and roommate. Keep on blogging sister! The rest of us regular imperfect folks like to know we aren’t alone.

  7. I love this blog post…. I dont think you were that harsh! I think what you said was PERFECT!!! I got a nasty comment before and it ruined my day!!!

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