Hangin’ with my Sis in the LB

Last Saturday we met my Sis in Long Beach (that’s the LB for all you non-gangsta types) and we had lunch and went to Mother’s Beach.  We had heard that there was some sort of sewage spill in the LA River but that didn’t stop us (when I say “us” I mean Caden) from swimming in the mucky water.  They actually deemed it safe, but still…

Here’s some cute pics I stole from my Sis’ myspace page:

caden in a beach chair by you.

My cute little monkey sitting in his kitty cat chair.  Thanks Grandma Gigi!

sleepy jacob by you.

Jacob spent most of the beach time sleeping, which made it kinda nice actually.

jacob at the beach by you.

But when he woke up he was going, going, going.  And he was the cutest baby on the beach!

blue ice cream by you.

Caden enjoyed a bright blue ice cream from the ice cream truck, that turned his poop electric green for the next two days.  Nice.  What the heck is in that stuff???

cadens crack by you.

Then he showed up a little crack!  Hahaha!

Totally unrelated topic, but FYI (in case you’re wondering): We haven’t heard about the job opportunity.  We got an email yesterday that said the senior pastor is on vacation for a few weeks and he should have a decision by the time he returns.  Keep those prayers a comin’!


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