Hot, Sweaty Messes

That’s us.  The DeVincenzos without air conditioning.  On top of being hot and sweaty, we are grumpy and at each other’s throats.  That’s what constant heat will do to you.  So, I know we just paid off our credit card, but I’m trying to convince Geric that we need to cough up the $300 and fix the AC.  I think if we switched roles and I sat in an air conditioned office all day and he stayed home with two hot, grumpy toddlers, he might be more easily swayed.  Friday morning he stays home with the kids while I go to work for a little bit.  Maybe I’ll talk to him some more when I get home on Friday afternoon.  I’m just MISERABLE!!!  It’s 7:30 and our house is at a muggy 86 degrees, people.  I can’t handle this!  How did I live in Honduras for three months???  I have no idea.  No wonder I was miserable there.  This is awful.  I know, it could be worse, but I just needed to complain to the blog.   Thanks for listening.

(I was going to post an image for this, and when I googled “hot people” all these pictures of celebrities, including Paris Hilton came up!  Crazy!)


6 responses

  1. Oh I would be dying! I try not to turn ours on…but usually around 2 – 3 p.m. it’s blazing in my old house! Can you sell something to get the $300 so you don’t have to use your credit card? Are you still doing Dave Ramsey? Do you have an emergency fund you can use?
    I am so grumpy when it’s hot too, AND I seriously can’t do anything around the house like cleaning up or cooking if it’s bad. I feel for you! When I was preggo with Morgan we were under construction and it would get over 97 degrees in the house and there was nothing we could do.

  2. We don’t have ac and I haven’t needed it! Ahh the joy of living in Washington. Feel free to rub in your nice weather the rest of the year when it’s raining here.

  3. How do you LIVE?? I can’t take heat . . or extreme cold . . I’m pretty much the whiny complaining biyatch when I’m overheated. Yah, thank God you’re not preggo with no AC. Put some ice cubes on your neck. And I hate to say this but use a little nookie to get that AC back on. Whatever it takes, girl!

  4. O M G! No air! Are you kidding me. Its only $300! Sell a child! Whatever it takes, just get that air running. Oh Geric! You foolish foolish man. A happy wife is a happy life, and a hot house makes for one miserable bitch! So fix it. 🙂 I don’t envy you girl. You want to come over? 🙂

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