Advanced Eater

I’m telling you. my little guy LOVES to eat!  So much so that this morning I decided to give him a fork with his waffles, just to see what he would do and he started eating with it.  I swear, Caden wasn’t doing this on his own until he was 2ish.  Weird how siblings can be so different, huh?  Anyway, here’s my cuteness in action!
DSC01812 by you.

First he tried his left hand, but i didn’t tell him that he’s a righty.

DSC01813 by you.

Got it!

DSC01821 by you.

… almost.

DSC01820 by you.

Now for the right.  Doesn’t that look more natural?

DSC01816 by you.

Enough with the pictures, lady!  I’m tryin’ to eat in peace over here!

DSC01817 by you.

I said he was an “advanced eater” not a brainiac!

DSC01819 by you.

… almost!

He did actually get it on the fork from the plate and to his mouth quite a few times, I just missed it on the camera. 

In other Jacob news, he’s repeating a lot of words that I say to him, like baby, outside (ow-da), hotdog, Caden (Cay-da), and of course Mama and Dada.  He’s blowing kisses but he uses the back of his wrist instead of the palm of his hand!  When I ask him for a kiss he runs up, mouth wide open and slimes me!  Caden thinks Jacob’s drool is toxic and has a heart attack if a drop of it touches him.  Jacob also likes to pretend to leave and go to work.  He gets the little Nemo rolling backpack we have and waves bye bye and I say “bye bye,” then he gives me a kiss and walks to the door, just like Daddy (minus the Nemo backpack.  Geric’s is Lightning McQueen.  Hahahaha!  I kid, I kid!)  Then he hides behind the chair until I tell Caden that Jacob went to work, when he runs out laughing.  He’s pretty cute!


5 responses

  1. That’s really cute about hiding behind the chair. My girls go to work too, but I attribute it more to dress up as they have hats, purses, sunglasses, and high heels (not like daddy). Way to go Jacob on the fork use. I always gave my kids utensils when I fed them to keep their hands busy, so it was natural to give forks and spoons when they started self feeding. Yogurt is my favorite. Ainsley looks like Santa when she is done, and one of her hands is usually in on the act. Let’s sit back and enjoy the toddler stage pre-tantrum!

  2. DUDE…. Gerics job news is KILLING me…. everytime I see you have updated your blog I think it is going to be… HE GOT IT… or something! AHHHHHH

  3. Sis- great pics. He’s a natural! The brainiac one is hilarious 🙂 And if Caden could remember his shirt being soaked with drool on his 2nd Christmas he would probably give Jacob a break!

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