For Sale

Thanks for the tip, Gina.  I didn’t even think that we had stuff to sell and then I remembered, hey, I’m not running that dumb marathon.  Why don’t I sell the double jogger I just bought?  So I am.  I already put it on craigs list, but I thought there might be someone out iin the blogsphere that might be interested in it.  It’s a schwinn and it’s really nice.  The front wheel swivels and it can lock in place, too.  The fabric is faded from being in the sun with the previous owner, but other than that, it’s great.  You can seriously push it with one finger and it’s very smooth ride (so I am told!)  Here’s a couple of pictures.  Let me know if you’re interested.  I’m asking $150 for it.

DSC01822 by you.

DSC01823 by you.

We also have a jacuzzi that came with our house that we have used maybe twice.  I’m trying to get Geric to figure out how much it’s worth and how to disconnect it and move it if someone wanted it.  Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Jimmy and I are trying to sell a couch on Craigs List, we got our first bite! Its so fun! Good luck. Oh, and we bought it for $900, but because we got it at the outlet we are trying to sell it for $1800. We can pay it off and still buy something else! Wish us luck.

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