Relief in Sight

There is a guy at our church that works on air conditioners and he told Geric he could probably order the part we need for cheaper than we had thought.  He called Geric on Saturday and said it would only be $120.  Hooray!  Geric brought the money to church on Sunday and this nice man (let’s just call him a saint) said that he couldn’t take his money, and that he would just do it for free!!!!  Can you believe it!?!?  Awesome!  So, he’s supposed to come over some time today and fix it.  Praise Jesus!!!

Here’s another “whew” story.  Yesterday, after church was a big congregational meeting.  Our pastor had an idea to use this fund that the church set up a long time ago to pay our pastors (all two of them) until the end of the year.  The members voted and it was approved.  What a relief!!!  We still haven’t heard from the church we interviewed at, so it was really coming down to the wire.  I was trying to see how much we could rent our house out for and my dad was cleaning out the guest room to make room for us.  So, now even if Geric doesn’t get that amazing job (which I highly doubt he won’t because he’s so amazing that they’d be really dumb to pass him up) we still have a few more months to find another job.  Whew!

One more thing, just because I told my family last night that I would post this (and I’m no liar!) My brother in law, Jon, got duped into going to Bible study!  If you know him, your jaw just hit the floor!  He works for a Christian and his “staff meeting” turned out to be Bible study!  What a crack up!  God works in mysterious ways!  He’s going to be praisin’ the Lord before he knows it, right JB?  Hee hee!


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