On the Edge of My Seat!!!

Geric got a call today from the church we interviewed at.  The secretary said that the senior pastor wants to meet with him tomorrow morning at 9am.  AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

The last couple of weeks I have truly been calm, been fine.  It’s been fine.  I even told Geric that it’s kind of nice that they drug it out like this because it kind of feels like they forgot about us, so if they called and said Geric doesn’t have the job, it’s like no big deal.  But now, my stomach is churning with anxiety again.  At least we’ll know (hopefully) by this time tomorrow.  I can’t imagine calling someone into your office for a meeting to say that you’re not going to offer them a job.  That just seems silly.  Can’t you just say that over the phone?  But maybe they’re just being polite and they’re going to explain why the other guy was more qualified or whatever.  I don’t know. 

Kids crying.  Gotta go.  Talk to you tomorrow!

P.S.  AC is fixed.  We’re sittin’ pretty at 77 degrees.  Nice.


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